Top 5 Airlines in India

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July 18, 2017
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July 19, 2017

This Video is a picture slide show of the top 5 Airlines in India. All their hubs ( Major or Minor ) and Focus Cities ( All )..



  1. …………. kingfisher doesn't exist anymore, that was just stupid.

  2. CÓøL KîD says:

    lol wat da hell no.1 kingfisher

  3. sawan oberai says:

    some of the aircrafts and spicejet 787 is fake, you probably wont even know what a 787 is

  4. air India is the worst

  5. LUCKY BIRDI says:

    Jet airways is best airline in India

  6. Satish Rock says:

    Rey Jaffa .. Jet Airways, Indigo, Air Asia and AirCosta are better in India. Have ever seen Spice Jet Domestic flights? and King Fisher is NO.1 …. idiot

  7. please don't laugh because I like Indigo

  8. ash ash says:

    jet is the best second air india not express

  9. Adarsh R kingfigher went bankrupt

  10. air india the worst flight in india

  11. Sanjay Khosh says:

    worst flight was kingfisher and second worst flight in India is of course Air India , And the only profitable airline business is definitely placed at the last, terrifically correct list if you invert this…..

  12. Seema Dileep says:

    when will air india produces A380

  13. What the hell no 1 should be jet airways not kinfisher

  14. who the hell told u kingfisher is the best. You could have added air Vistara

  15. Wow! I did not know that India had more airline companies!

  16. I am British-born Pakistani, by the way

  17. Peace between India and Pakistan!

  18. Subscribe to my channel!

  19. They jast have missed vistara i have went in every of these airlines including vistara i just have got the best experience in it.

  20. luv to India for different types of airline of India 😘

  21. fucking india i love my country bangladesh

  22. ashish puma says:

    wait a sec A380………………… Seriously!!!!!

  23. Abhay Yadav says:

    air india is the Baddest flight in india in all terms.they had crack windows the AC was not working the crew was not friendly and even their flight rates are very high
    air india sucks

  24. madhavi aso says:

    Who made this video all what u did is completely wrong

  25. vishal kumar says:

    kingfisher is banned & is no more on sky

  26. jet is no 1 no doubt. ..

  27. rimsha Wasi says:

    I like6 only air india plane

  28. nice Indigo Airlines Picture

  29. Satvik Rao says:

    SpiceJet the worst airlines of india

  30. 1.jet airways
    3.air india

  31. vivek purna says:

    Now the order is from last to first..!! For year 2017

  32. The seats of Indigo are like that of roadways bus. They should work on the seats.

  33. Priyam Das says:

    air India is no 1

  34. lol Go Air is the best airline

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