Top 10 Worst Airlines In The World 2016

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August 26, 2017
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Top 10 Worst Airlines In The World 2016 10. Rossiya Airlines, Russia 9. Yemenia, Yemen 8. Cubana, Cuba 7. Lion Air, Indonesia 6. Turkmenistan Airlines …



  1. Wonder why AA ain't on here?🤔 They suck!

  2. Ghoskull War says:

    Hahaha,kapal terbang indognesial dapat gelaran WORST AIRLINE..So sad..

  3. You're Killing me with this terrible music and these long unnecessary videos. 3 mins was all you needed ! Now i want 10 mins of my life back

  4. Tajik air? More like tragic air

  5. Josef Ga says:

    Im suprised united wasnt at number 1

  6. TopAZ thank you for putting that bad airline Turkmenistan Airlines because thier food is yucky

  7. Cairo Murphy says:

    Jetstar is pretty trash

  8. Cairo Murphy says:

    Things I care about:
    good pilots
    Reliable customer service.
    Nice flight attendants.

  9. Samah Sbeiti says:

    top az i dont under stand your fuking logic why are they not nice

  10. 3nvous says:

    Where is united airline?

  11. You forgot Cebu Pacific (Philippines) They're the worst at landing planes

  12. thai air is the best air line in the world wide…..

  13. Frontier should be on this list too. (Post-2015 Frontier, the one with the surfboard seats).

  14. CALLUM321 says:

    I'm really not surprised that the North Korean airline was given a 6/10 considering how they probably never been on another airline

  15. The Rossya airlines one is not true… I have been on a 2hr flight from Orenburg, Russia to Moscow. The food was great, if compare to a 2hr flight. The mood lighting is great, the aircraft (737-800) has a beautiful paint job, the seats are not bad.

  16. Unicorn says:

    My design opinions:

    Rossiya Airlines: Great Design

    Yemenia: Ugly Design

    Cubana: Ugly Design

    Lion Air: Medium Design

    Turkmenistan Airlines: Ugly Design

    Spirit Airlines: Great Design

    Bahamasair: Ugly Design

    Sudan Airways: Medium Design

    Tajik Air: Ugly, medium and great Design

    Air Koryo: Ugly Design

    6 Ugly Designs

    3 Medium Designs

    3 Great Designs

    Ugly Designs wins!

  17. Guys no airline is bad the the part is to be arrived at our destination safely

    I know airlines some of them don't have the screen thing but it's alright I have been in an airline with an screen It was alright but airlines with no screens is used for short flight my flight was 1 hour and a half so yea

  18. bleh Nooo says:

    NO.1 airliner United airlines

  19. SALIM SHA says:

    You should include Air India in this list also.

  20. Air arabia is also a worst airline

  21. Eshaan Navid says:

    i went a spirit airlines while fly from la to minneapolis

  22. muzluv33 says:

    What self-respecting American or anyone for that matter would fly Air Koryo, for God's sake??? Only a Communist!!

  23. Indiedud says:

    Yea man, Lion Air sucks. It's have too many delays that you must have morning flights to have no delay.

  24. StaticImage says:

    The clips of the Cubana airplane taxiing was just comically awkward

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