Top 10 Best Premium Economy Classes on Airlines

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September 8, 2017
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September 9, 2017

Here is another video within the ‘series’ of top ten travel classes. Since both of my videos have proved to be popular, I have decided, yet again, to upload a …



  1. BlockHeadGuy says:

    I am flying from Manchester to San Francisco on Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy!

  2. Wayne Vinson says:

    Lufthansa has a premium economy that can easily be no.2, maybe even no.

  3. China Airlines premium was amazing

  4. Andrew Chen says:

    From my perspective, the premium economy class of China Airlines is better than Etihad.
    But the premium economy class of Air New Zealand is unparalleled, I think it must be extremely expensive.
    BTW, nice video. 😀

  5. Air New Zealand rock! In all classes. Their premium seats are amazing in both premium cabins. Their service is great!

  6. Looks more premium (business) than premium economy

  7. PROGAMER W.C says:

    where is Qatar airways?

  8. Hooperman says:

    It's sad Air New Zealand changed their mind and now are putting regular premium economy seats in their newer planes :/

  9. PJ ski says:

    If wanted pictures, I'd have gone to Instagram. This is YouTube.

  10. Bob Walsh says:

    Erm…what's with the porno soundtrack?

  11. Han Tran says:

    All I wish in this video is ANA > JAL

  12. I am No Face says:

    I flew Premium Economy in the "Space Seats" and they were utterly amazing. The staff are wonderful, the food is great, and the cabin was very peaceful. However, just a head's up that ANZ have refitted their 777s and the Space Seats are gone 🙁

    So, just a head's up that ANZ has changed their seating configuration in PE from 2-2-2 to 2-4-2; seating in economy is still 3-4-3. Also, be aware that PE passengers do not have lounge access but it really didn't matter to me.

    I would still fly ANZ in a heartbeat. They can't be beat for service.

  13. 김성운 says:

    Air New Zealand's economy class is just like business class.

  14. amir aydi says:

    Turkish airlines is the best ❤️😍

  15. DickTurpin says:

    Fast forward from 2014 to 2017 and Virgin premium economy is a star turn!

  16. X C says:

    I like anal airlines

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