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August 20, 2017
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August 22, 2017

Helloooooo!! in this video I’m telling you places I’ve traveled to and if I would recommend them to you or not. This is part one for europe and africa, part two will …



  1. Myriem B. says:

    oh i have been to morocco and i agree at the fact that you can see it all in like 3 days at Rabat, it's more interesting to go to Marrakech or the south in general. and also i am planning to go to London next week which places do you recommend me to visit?

  2. Sam Vlog says:

    i have been to marbella and paris, very nice city

  3. Emily Price says:

    Great video girl!!! Loved hearing about this ❤️ it was so nice of you for the shoutout too boo!! 😘

  4. What's you"re Snapchat ? 😍😍

  5. this was great and very helpful. Especially with my upcoming travels. btw love your outfit! sub back?

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