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September 10, 2017
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September 11, 2017

Your trip to Moscow, Russia is bound to be a special one. From the multicolored spires of St. Basil’s Cathedral to the sturdy red walls of the Kremlin, there is …



  1. saksa101 says:

    Thanks for Finnish subtitles :))

  2. The person who made this video does not even imagine what kind of service it provides to Western people. Politicians mislead people. The Russians know how to fight, but they hate to do it. It is necessary to try very hard to start a war with the Russians. Do not let politicians mislead you. Tell people about Russia, the Russians also love their children, their country, we do not need shots, explosions, death.

  3. Alan Tan says:

    So beautiful and lots of historic and cultural places to see. I would love to see it in person in the near future. ☆♡☆

  4. Existentia says:

    The problem is that in Russia so only one city lives like this.
    In Russia there is a saying "Moscow is not Russia", because this country is in ruin and people are beggars. Just to let you know.

  5. suresh bobby says:

    wow i didnt expected moscow to be so beautiful. Now i revised my list,by placing moscow as my upcoming trip.

  6. 陳月卿 says:


  7. shard02 says:

    What about Lenin's Tomb?

  8. Vacations says:

    This narrator sounds like he is from Philippines.

  9. Bagus Wijaya says:

    Russia is amazing .. I love Russia , Greeting from Indonesia

  10. Naruto G says:

    Going on holiday to Moscow in 2 days and I can not wait wish me luck 😀


  12. Rekk Komrade says:

    I never knew Moscow has 11 billion people

  13. Luc Groshens says:

    I'm going in january. I'll try not to forget my swimsuit

  14. I live in Syria. Wherever I go I have to where a gas mask. When I'm inside I have to check for radiation poisoning, And I have to protect my house from terrorism. I have plenty of guns in my garage. But this is everyday here in Syria. In Russia it just seems so simple. Beautiful and no harm.

  15. chris tenady says:

    Damn so beautiful…

  16. pretty city Moscow,with so much of culture, history thanks Expedia with sharing of so much information about Moscow, will visit the city in the near future

  17. ADAM says:

    Those who Travlled to Moscow, how was your experience?

  18. Elif Korkmaz says:

    What's the name of this music?

  19. mdfgrifter says:

    Is it a safe city to visit? Been to Paris n Belgium, and man, plenty of pick pockets and people trying to force you to buy things in Paris…

  20. Приятно что люди снимают про мою родину)))Спасибо)))

  21. libra17ism says:

    I Wish Russia wouldn't go to another War or Political Race And Focus on Their Arts, Literature and Science to Bring Wonders to The World as They Did in the Past as they have one of the Greatest Minds on Earth, Likes of Wassily Kandinsky( Father of Abstract Painting) , Yuri Gagarin, Pushkin…etc
    Live Long & Prosper Russia
    From a Far Away Orthodox Brother from Ethiopia!!!

  22. Moscow isn't perfect, but I still recommend it to tourists that come. It is fascinating, with the Red Square, the space museum, the metro, and it's restaurants.

  23. Kim Staflund says:

    I will visit Moscow some day!

  24. Silver Fox says:

    I'm from Nizhny Novgorod ! often in Moscow ( 3 hours and 30 minutes by high-speed train )))) or 6 hours by car ! Moscow is a good city )

  25. P Martin says:

    Never thought of Moscow as a vacation spot but… it is.

  26. Make a Video About Switzerland please Sir

  27. My motherland ❤️🇷🇺

  28. James says:

    I'll better see a monkey in a zoo

  29. Conquer… space? I thought it was a duck pond for stars. Want the perfect insult for this planet?: "You're so "busy"!"

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