Copenhagen, Denmark Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

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August 13, 2017
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Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and is situated on the eastern coast of Zealand and stretches across part of Amager. A number …



  1. Gary Miller says:

    Ohhhh. How I miss those boat rides…..even when it was raining. :'(

  2. Please  can you tell me someone which is the offical language in Denmark

  3. last first says:

    don't come. you WILL be disappointed. nothing to see here. stay away.
    we don't want you here.

  4. With my 9th visit due shortly, I simply can't get enough of Copenhagen.  Sure, there will be those who will complain about the weather, or high prices, but this is vastly outweighed by polite friendly people who provide good service and a sense of well being!  It's also a safe city, so if the expense of it keeps the lager louts out, I am all for it!

  5. christoc99 says:

    The amusement park seems awesome!! the cobble stone roads reminds me of my Trujillo City in Peru. Copenhagen seems very peaceful and perfect for a vacation.

  6. Matthew Kim says:

    여행 가고 싶다

  7. Looks like a beautiful & clean city. I also looked at Germany & Denmark. Sadly I don't have the funds to visit these wonderful places but wish I did. I have to rely on the internet. I know all the people in these videos could not be tourist. Some had to be citizens but all seemed happy. I did notice one thing consistent in these places. I did not see blacks. I'm sure there are some black tourist but they were few & far between. Come to America & you be shocked & very disappointed! Maybe even fearful!

  8. Lo Berto says:

    I've been in Copenhagen this August, the video isn't enough! it's true, living the city is so different than watching a video.
    very nice city,with lot of parks and places to go. it's a smart city, you can move by bike or city transport so well. bikes are everywhere! I still cry thinking how they like bike so much!
    3-4 days are enough to see best things in this city!

  9. clarity2106 says:

    Glad I have lovely friends here, charming.

  10. I miss my home so much.

  11. r there any indians living in denmark?

  12. Thats my country! 😀 i know anything about Copenhagen/København

  13. MrDian14reds says:

    Wow.definitely.nice place for living..just want to many population in this city?/ cheers from indonesia

  14. I went thair I was bye the little mirmade

  15. must be Phantoms place.

  16. hi there youtubers , I will be in Copenhagen on 22 august for a weeks holiday , if anyone can recommend any ice places to go , or anyone want to meet up for a few beers message me

  17. am in Copenhagen from sunday onwards , anyone fancy a pint leave me a message  , a bar and a time

  18. TimeWithMay! says:

    I live in Copenhagan

  19. Denmark is very beautiful and I want to go there in the future.

  20. Scandinavia is on the move away from democratic socialism and massive welfare states. They finally are starting to realize it's not sustainable. If only moronic Bernie supporters could realize it…

  21. Tom Tucson says:

    Its pretty cool even in the summer and rains more than usual. So dress accordingly.

  22. Jag Kommer says:

    I am so excited for that I will go to Copenhagen in few days ,lol

  23. nice place…I miss Copenhagen very much!

  24. Golden Paddy says:

    Awesome Country, i just hope it's not filled with Muslim Immigrants like Sweden.

  25. Tara Dangol says:

    One of my Favourite cities in the world

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