Best Airlines in Australia/Pacific

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July 29, 2017
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The Best Airlines in Australia/Pacific 1 Qantas Airways 2 Air New Zealand 3 Virgin Australia 4 Jetstar Airways 5 Fiji Airways 6 Tiger Airways (Australia) 7 Air …



  1. Ray Mitchell says:

    Air NZ is best in my opinion

  2. Air New Zealand and Qantas for me. btw, where is Hawaiian Airlines?

  3. I prefer Air New Zealand to Qantas

  4. kiribetio123 says:

    jet star was the worst

  5. Gem Dumlao says:

    i like qantas and air NZ

  6. OC Guy says:

    wanna fly from united to states what airline is good?

  7. FYI Virgin Australia won best Airline in Pacific region at 2017 Airline Awards. By the way I like Qantas, VA and Air NZ in no particular order.

  8. Rishav Jain says:

    Qantas~The Spirit Of Australia

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