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August 17, 2017
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With 1.5 million lucky people calling Auckland home, this North Island gem is the most …



  1. AWlpsSHOW36 says:

    Yay, Auckland! I love Auckland and I love my whole country! (: Visitors from all around the world are welcome to our peaceful and safe country!

  2. Why is there so many white people there? No racial just wondering how they got in that part of the world

  3. I've been to Ponsonby. I got my tuxedo for the movie premiere there.

  4. ravi sahye says:

    going here in June I cant wait any recommendations for a traveller. Got a long journey as im in the United Kingdom have to get 3 flights to NZ. I go out from manchester to dubai then dubai out to melbourne. Then finally from melbourne out to Auckland.

  5. One day soon I'm going to live in this wonderful city and for the record I actually already planned to be for seeing this video

  6. New Zealand, Auckland Where I Live My Whole Lide .3. I Was Born Is Auckland.

  7. Sam Holloway says:

    I live in Hawke's Bay NZ its quite boring here, nothing like Rainbow's End. I so want to head up to Auckland to try out Rainbow's End because all we get is a water theme park Splash Planet

  8. I love New Zealand from Vietnam and I hope I can go to New Zealand in the near future. New Zealand is a great destination. Love

  9. bob butler says:

    a total dump …. good place to piss on the streets .. its full of moronic scum .. total toilet

  10. Moving to Auckland in May, very informative video, I'm very excited!

  11. Has anyone here been to EF Education First in Auckland? If so do you recommend it?

  12. Tao Shen says:

    Manako Tāmaki Makaurau atu iwi ki te haere.

  13. I've been dreaming of living in a different country and New Zealand came to my mind. Just wondering how it is to actually live in New Zealand and are there many job opportunities in the country aside from agriculture? Thank you 🙂

  14. hkspurt says:

    What a beautiful city… We plan to go there next year! ^_^

  15. pratap rao says:

    I was there in New Zealand last year and going there again this year,one of the most beautiful country and Queenstown is just out of the world. I wish to stay permanently …..

  16. why it looks like Hawaii? really wants to visit there onedy

  17. You wouldnt feel like in NZ when ur in Auckland. So many Asians and Islanders

  18. Dman says:

    Very boring and extremely expensive is the unfortunate reality …

  19. please suggest me a good place for honeymoon in december ??

  20. Hey how come nobody was swimming in the sea?? That was weird…

  21. G K says:

    @Expedia, what's the music you use in these videos? It gives me such positive vibes..

  22. S10N3 says:

    i live in auckland lol

  23. expedia i just sub your channel😀

  24. Sai Sandeep says:

    as an Indian living there…one of the very best city😘

  25. un exelente precentacion de la ciudad marvilloso sera lindo pasar a conocer esta ciudad muy buen video

  26. aleyna sur says:

    I wonder is that really worth to go all that way?

  27. Shamir Patel says:

    Do Napier as it one of the Art Deco capitals of the world.

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