25 Things To Do in Tokyo, Japan (Watch This Before You Go)

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Get info about things to do, where to stay, and the best food to eat on your visit to Tokyo, Japan. Here’s the guide: …



  1. goes to japan, wears a thai shirt

  2. Epicness says:

    I wonder if EVERYTHING in Japan is translated…or i'd be so clueless, especially when buying from a market or ordering food at a restraunt.

  3. Epicness says:

    im sorry where is grammarly gone mam

  4. Epicness says:

    14:55 did not make the face oooo

  5. man you dont gotta make it overly-dramatic every time you eat food

  6. Pro Bro says:

    The problem with having a video get so many views, is that it gets to so many internet trolls.

  7. Йо ма йо…но почему я не там родилась!!!!)

  8. Darling D says:

    where is your wife and kid>

  9. ThatEvo 9 says:

    I wont go just for food but i will also go for the import cars 😬 r34's s15 silvas etc…

  10. can2 says:

    I like how he says "tokiyo"

  11. RoseySun says:

    i love your videos and your reactions to food! i can tell they're all delicious and it makes me want to visit all the more!!! thanks for all the creative+informative videos mark!

  12. Kev Kong says:

    Terrible post eating face

  13. Thank you for an amazing and helpful video. There are a lot of Tokyo travel videos on YouTube, but this is one is the cream of the crop.

  14. my dream right now is to go to to Tokyo.

  15. Nick Young says:

    Great video!!!!!! Thank you!!

  16. 黒闇 says:

    tokyo is my most beloved citys in the whole word! i love it and i miss it

  17. Ronnie says:

    Dexter's brother has a YouTube channel now? Though that nigga died

  18. sky lord says:

    He rolled his eyes when he ate

  19. Jezus Killz says:

    Watched this after Faze Adapts video lmao

  20. I cant afford to go to Japan,so this video will do just right for me

  21. Emmie Fla says:

    I'm travelling from London to Tokyo on my own in November. It'll be my first solo trip! Can't wait to explore this beautiful city! 😍🇯🇵🗾

  22. gtb5 says:

    5:34 bet he had an orgasm episode.

  23. btnheazy03 says:

    Mark says 'crepe' funny.

  24. I like to cum in his face with top ramen

  25. i went tokyo its very beautiful
    my mother father and others live in japan
    tokyo disneyland and tokyo skytree is very beautiful

  26. Noah Copping says:

    Take a shot every time this guy says Tokyo

  27. Merlin says:

    good for first timers… host needs to work on his pronunciation so not to confuse users..

  28. No hate… but I hate his eating face😂😂


  30. Avant Windon says:

    I really want to go to Tokyo Japan and Rio Brazil

  31. Healing Lily says:

    Watching this reminds me of my childhood.

    Idk about other people, but I guess I'm lucky my dad cared about culture and stuff. I'm unsure how many families go to that stuff, specially anymore.

    I guess I was just lucky that we did it a lot at summer camp, but my dad did bring us to meusiums and stuff a lot. Though I didn't appreciate it sadly. I mean.. I have amnesia, so I guess that doesn't help. and maybe I just remembered now..

  32. Lat igo says:

    I enjoy your videos very much. Not as much as you enjoy eating though 😀

  33. 黃韻慈 says:

    You're really inspire me to travel around the world. Thanks for your video, and you're a great creater. Hope you can make more and more nice video about the world, culture, food, etc. Keep going!

  34. Why do you make that stupid face every time you eat?

  35. Right! That smug expression on his face when he eats is REALLY pissing me off!

  36. Theo Quach says:

    Dammit I want to experience that kinda orgasm when eating too!

  37. When he says cartoon character he means anime characters

  38. Lol. watching the vid this guys face after he eats somthing, really starting to bug me, big time. Just want to smack him right in the nugget!
    Then I read comments section, LOL! Think everyone's thinking the same! Bahahababa

    Apart from that issue, great vid. Keep up the good work.

  39. tibosee says:

    Change your jacket and don't stop in front of people on the street, making them impossible to walk because you decide to stop and record wherever you want

  40. I knew the comments would be about the eating

  41. Garnizzle says:

    I love almost all of these suggestions except Odaiba. We biked there from Asakusa in summer of 2015 and found it was completely empty…very few people…attractions all far apart and possibly closed. We ended up throwing our bikes on the Sumida ferry to get back to Asakusa (thank god!)

  42. David Cheang says:

    yo mark, u dodging bullets to the left?

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