25 Best Things To Do in Seoul, South Korea

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August 9, 2017
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August 10, 2017

Check out my Seoul travel guide and tips at this link: – All my personal Seoul travel tips and suggestions!



  1. 모니전 says:

    Mom : we will have a vacation somewhere
    Me: where
    Mom : i dont know yet
    My mind : 'i wish i can go to korea'

  2. i loved myeongdong. wasn't a huge fan of gyeongbokgung palace…bit of a tourist trap

  3. rina kim says:

    99% of trash comments are written by chinese. And some of them pretend to be korean. Pathetic chinese.

  4. Scarzs11 says:

    i cringe every time i see u eat in this video xD

  5. awesome korea, i fell it.

  6. I've been to Seoul but it felt boring compared to Japan.But the food was very good.

  7. N H says:

    Shoveling food like an animal. Take it easy man? Also we don't really want to see the chewing process. It's disgusting.

  8. Mikersson says:

    Thank you so much!

  9. K Pabbaraju says:

    aren't here any vegetarian restaurants or any vegetarian food options?

  10. Army forever says:

    I wanna go to Korea so bad but I dont how I will communicate with other people because I only know a few words😬😂

  11. Youn Joo Oh says:

    It seems that the film was made long time ago. I went to Seoul in January, 2017. It is so advanced and beautiful. Foods were amazingly delicious. I Miss Seoul!!!

  12. YASS PRD says:

    Damn that bite in the end !…

  13. GalactiNaut says:

    #6 Hell yeah, let's go get a bunch of radiation for fun!

  14. Irene Erny says:

    Hi Mark, could you please tell me the place of this korean food street number 22 und the Bbq place no 25??
    Thanks for your nice video!

  15. r56mini says:

    Your appreciative facial expression when eating Soon-dae really surprised me. Even though I grew up in Korea, I had to learn to like the taste.

  16. Spark Plug says:

    Awh come on… there's got to be more to Seoul than shopping and food. The Korean DMZ is definitely something to check out!

  17. 정유석 says:

    This video is too bad for Koreans when I see it. Why did you put in Lotte Mart and Coffee Shop? I can not understand it. I do not seem to know too much about Seoul.

  18. yuminemmy says:

    If you are an animal lover you should go to Seoul Grand Park in Gwachon right next to Seoul. It's one of the most largest zoo and admission fee is very cheep compares to other countries.
    You can go there by subway line no.4(blue line). There is National museum of Modern Art and Seoulland amusement park right next to it.

  19. videos of Busan are properly made but videos of Seoul is not good

  20. How many days were you in Seoul to make it to so many areas? Also what time of year was this? I'm planning on being there for a week in early November.

  21. Kawaii Eevee says:

    omg the way he pronounces seoul 😫 it's pronounced so-uul (idk how to spell 😅) 소리 🇰🇷

  22. Nagiza Chan says:

    I'm going to korea in september. yey

  23. DsLr says:

    3:10 OMG There's FAKER

  24. ㅋ dbs'xo says:

    경북궁 이 아니라 경복궁 이에요

  25. hotgaard says:

    I lived in Korea for 18 years and loved it from day one. The students, the food, the sights, and the excitement of Seoul are so special that I have to visit my second home as much as possible.

  26. Sky Tower in Lotte World opened in March 2017. I went up on inaguration Day. Also the saunas are incredible!!!

  27. Very informative,me & my husband will be going to seoul this coming sunday & your video is very helpful,thank you so much🙏

  28. Cindy L says:

    I can't wait to visit south Korea 😁

  29. Can't wait for shopping and the amazing food and history!

  30. nikirk101 says:

    go to korea and eat dogs which have been kept in horrible conditions and killed in humanely


  32. can you buy quality pearls in seoul? where?

  33. please let me know if pearls are a good deal in Seoul. Or shall I buy them in Japan?

  34. Sanjay Singh says:

    I also want to go korea it's my dream

  35. Eulumiii says:


  36. Luke Park says:

    I am south korean who lives in seoul but there is much much better place in another city of korea Seoul is most developed city in korea but you can experience more kind of things in countryside.

  37. Maayy says:

    Thanks for this informative video! I know I am late xD but i'm gonna go to S.Korea in 7 days! And I am so nervous 😂 Because I've heard that koreans don't speak Emglish very good and I don't speak one word korean😂😕 So wish me good luck🍀🍀

  38. I like Korea so much and hope someday to reach there saranghae hangook

  39. Julie Hong says:

    LOL when you're korean but you don't live in Korea 😛 I'm so dead -_- (BTW, I live in Tokyo and my grandparents and cousins live in seoul)

  40. Jays Radical says:

    Ima go to South Korea to look for Sehun, and for their fashion.

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