10 Best Places to Visit in Canada

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August 5, 2017
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August 6, 2017

10 Best Places to Visit in Canada Awe-inspiring scenery, vibrant cities and a welcoming atmosphere all make Canada a popular tourist destination. As the …



  1. Why not Sarnia it has the blue water bridge dumb dumb

  2. Also you choose those instead of choosing other way better things that's just AMAZING. NOT

  3. I lived in Canada my whole life I know better places

  4. Sadam Khan says:

    beautiful in the world love you Canada

  5. Incomplete and wrong. Wolf Island should have been on this list

  6. ppsor329 says:

    what is the music for the first half of the video ??

  7. wpgc 2 says:

    10 Best Places to visit in Canada by birds or drones.

  8. Holmes 4D says:

    That isn't Calgary………

  9. Efrain Ortiz says:

    Canada, is much more beautiful than this views…

  10. winnguy1 says:

    Very poor video ! This does not properly represent Canada. Total lacking of accuracy. Should be removed . Example ? Quebec City. Video shows old destroyed building instead of the ' Old city within the Walls" and then adds the Port of Montreal as if it was Part of Quebec City . This video in inaccurate and should be removed or re titled . " very poorly scripted and the photographed

  11. Terrible was that under the label "Quebec City" the first images are from run down building in total ruin while the narrator is talking about Quebec European architectural tradition.

  12. Terrible documentary. The images of Montreal are not what I have seen during my visits to the great city. A ton of BS

  13. I got a joke this video

  14. I hate boring high 5 day music… hate it…, let your dog in muscular thugs. compete with your better qualities. shhh.

    why do they want to pay taxes? they don't want to be crazy. not everyone can think equal about things. keep it professional you'll never have to think about it.

    a savior is like all agricultural sciences combined; cancel your healthy sticking points on your own now.

  15. Summer Wood says:

    I was in Quebec last year and the picture that you showed was disgusting rusty roof, Quebec is beautiful, the old Quebec, the town and the country side, are gorgeous, it's a shame you did not do justice to the town

  16. Herr Richtig says:


  17. 1988deef says:

    If Canada wouldn't be so far away…

  18. keyento says:

    This inaccurately describes Canada in this introduction as it completely ignored the indigenous people who have been here generations before colonization.

  19. Edmonton should be 1 not Vancouver. Don't visit Vancouver it's a small city.

  20. Tiago Borges says:

    There are a lot of amazing places in Canada to visit or live

  21. ip freely says:

    I wonder if transport Canada has seen this

  22. LX Forde says:

    urk!! no way EH? sints you include T>O> Tor ONTERRIBLE oh> its too many peopl too damn HOT/humid polluted AND! their hockey team sux; that sayd — – ya left out St. Johns Nfld Dawson City Y.K. & least of all : NELVILLE sur LAC (B.C. INTERIOR)> fail .. ..

  23. Kalvi says:

    Eh! You really didn't show any real footage from Quebec City… A real mess from your part.

  24. Josh White says:

    What, no respect for the rock

  25. i liveed in canada but i lived in ottawa for a 60 days well i still live in trono

  26. and yes i  do live in canada

  27. As soon as that voice started i stopped watching at 0.24……

  28. wong raymond says:


  29. O Canada! I love you so. Beautiful. Thank you.

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