World’s Top 10 Best First Class on Airlines 2014 from Skytrax

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Best first class cabin in the world 2014. World’s Top 10 best first class cabins 2014 from Skytrax, world’s largest Inflight Research Services company. 全球最佳頭 …



  1. Amaan Azim says:

    thier stupid no.1 emirates noot singapore airlines

  2. MegaSmilee1 says:

    ETIHAD! SIA isn't that awesome.

  3. Lukedt1 says:

    Emirates Airlines's first class is too tacky and the decor is to flashy like the rest of their airline and that's why it's not the top. Other airlines first class product is better and the interiors are more stylish and sophisticated.

  4. Etihad deserves to be no1 with their the residence suites

  5. greathey1234 says:

    ANA looks worse than most business classes

  6. mike hunt says:

    I still don't get how people think emirates is so great? First is tacky and their business class is shocking to be quite honest, only the a380 has lie flat seats and in this day and age, lie flat seats is a minimum. I took a ride on a 777 from Dubai to Newcastle and was really disgusted. There are so many better products out there, Etihad is immensely superior to Emirates in all aspects!

  7. Sigapore is second emirates first


  9. I ride first class not that often but i have been riding lots these days and i think JAL has the best service so that makes it first

  10. awesome no 1 singapore airlines

  11. Huypro says:

    Singapore airlines top in first place because it has the best food. Most comfortable bed. Professional service. Emirates just only has shower and bar. And for the rest? How about their food, service, and seat comfort?

  12. Huypro says:

    I don't even need to take the shower and go to their bar. I need comfort, tasty and service. Plus there was the shower in Changi airport, you don't need to take the shower in the sky.

  13. Huypro says:

    Maybe some of you guys want to shower. I don't . I'm lazy. That's just my opinion

  14. halfvolley11 says:

    Emirates should have been number 1. Only Emirates has shower and sky bar.

  15. Mr 1 says:

    wtf where is Turkish airlines?

  16. AirKing says:

    Etihad Airways Should be No.1

  17. Chong Meiqi says:

    Singapore !!!!!❤️❤️

  18. Etihad, Emirates. the best

  19. Yugal Suhng says:

    Ha i thought it was thai airways.

  20. Kong Irene says:

    Nothing beats the SQ brand

  21. Tomi Liwanza says:

    so much proud to Garuda Indonesia..

  22. Der Toxin says:

    Emirates is the best!! 🙂 Top 1!!!!!!

  23. Malik Badr says:


  24. even though i'm a singaporean, i think emirates is the best

  25. julien b says:

    Ton classement des meilleures premières classes d'avion est inversement proportionnel à celui des droits de l'homme. On a vachement envie de filer notre argent à des dictatures comme les Emirats Arabes Unis, le Qatar, Dubai……sans parler de leur nourriture ignoble. Tu ferais mieux de faire un classement des compagnies aériennes où tu es sûr que soit ta femme soit ta fille ne sera pas violée aux toilettes parce qu'elle n'est pas voilée. Allez, regagnes ta niche.

  26. We're is Turkish airlines (jet airways)

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