World’s Top 10 BEST BUSINESS Class on Airlines 2014 from SKYTRAX

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July 6, 2017
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July 7, 2017

Best first class cabin in the world 2014. World’s Top 10 best Business Class cabins 2014 from Skytrax, world’s largest Inflight Research Services company.



  1. Lam Cheung says:

    Subscribed! A very nice video, especially the background music!

  2. whats the music name??

  3. Raihan 1540 says:

    Yeee! Garuda Indonesia Number 8

  4. Best food in C: Emirates or Etihad
    Best hard product in C: Oman and Qatar

    P.S. It would be nice if you eliminated those adverts on screen. They're distracting and annoying.

  5. Yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………………………………….. Qatar became #1 Beat That Cathay Pacific Airways 

  6. damn daniel says:

    Shame! I think the best business class has Swiss International Airlines!

  7. Igor Grodzki says:

    Etihad has newer economy,business,first and the residence

  8. أفضل خطوط في العالم السعودية سكوت

  9. Ramil Navato says:

    whats wrong with skytrax? how come cathay pacific is much better than emirates? i think there is something fishy going on here.

  10. 19bootsy68 says:

    It's great to see the self proclaimed "Worlds favourite airline" Club Class isn't there…British Airways really need to give their self proclaimed title up.

  11. mike hunt says:

    I have flown business class on Emirates, Singapore, Cathay pacific, Etihad and Qantas, in my opinion Etihad and Singapore have the best "service" and Cathay pacific has the best "pod/seat/bed" emirates was also good but service was average, Qantas has an ok seat but the configuration is rubbish, (everyone should have an isle seat) and service was also mediocre. The business class product on Etihad's A380 and B787 is by far the best all round, best pod/seat/bed and immaculate service, excellent food and a good inflight entertainment. And my absolute favourite airline to travel on!

  12. greathey1234 says:

    Cathay Pacific business is awful. I much prefer British Airways or Saudi Airlines.

  13. Qantas is based in Melbourne and the capital city is Canberra

  14. JxH says:

    Just saying Emirates shouldn't be 9th. Still a good video.

  15. It's all politics. TG and BA should be in this list based on my experiences.

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