World’s Best Premium Economy Class Airlines

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April 21, 2017
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April 23, 2017

The Best Airlines for Premium Economy Class travel in 2016 AIR NEW ZEALAND Premium Economy cabin proves popular with customers as it is named the …



  1. Adam Sharrad says:

    I Think the air new Zeeland have the best premium economy class. The seats Are like beds but smaler

  2. Lucia Warner says:

    Emirates Qatar Etihad none of them here in best premium economy

  3. Eric Wine says:

    Cathay should be number one in premium economy

  4. Qatar-Emirates-Etihad?

  5. Kalpna Singh says:

    i watched all your videos and you got new sub

  6. Some are economy class! Booboobooboo

  7. Max T. says:

    half of the images you put on were wrong…

  8. Hunter X says:

    Good Job!

    You know how to pick photos from the internet and put them in a video

    You deserve a cookie

    No, you deserve 2 cookies


  9. that's not air new Zealand 's premium economy !! fool

  10. Aeroflot's Comfort Class on their new 777 30ERs is at least as nice as Air New Zealand and that's saying a lot it's also about the best priced.

  11. tauros82 Ma says:

    Aegean Airlines from Greece are very good Airline

  12. PSP GAMING says:

    Singapore Airlines Images Are All Wrong.Its Better And It Should Be Top 3 /fp

  13. who are you says:

    bruh.. you put BA premium economy on 2nd pic of Lufthansa's list?.. kys

  14. LEE PHILLIP says:

    You have lot of the picture of the airlines premier economy wrong… maybe u should redo them….

  15. George Sun says:

    One of the china airlines is econamy

  16. Mark Cole says:

    I think you should overdo this again as a lot of pictures are wrong and even the winner air new zealand pictures of premium economy are false, but thanks for trying

  17. fanman71 says:

    Can tell you that Air France Premium Economy is nowhere near the best. When I took their flight the cabin was not very clean & the food was mediocre at best. Those hard shell seats are not really very comfortable. On my flight over I took Virgin Atlantic & it was a MUCH better experience. They should be on this list

  18. Mr.M says:

    The second picture of Lufthansa is false that's British Airways

  19. EE Naing says:

    china-airline didn't give champagne,used cheap plastic silver ware worst service I ever had . I am a emerald member for 10+ years . This is Totally misleading . This Jan 3, 17 CI 06 I got the worst experience I ever had . All they said was accept apology . I con not . Even Business Class use CHEAP salad Bawl . Same thing APOLOGY . I wrote letter many times . I want this matter to upper management attention ASAP . I am Sick of it .

  20. EE Naing says:

    I didn't agreed with you about China-airlines . Business class used CHEAP plastic salad Bawl . find out your self please .

  21. EE Naing says:

    at china-airline CI 03 SFO-TPE not even use real butter .

  22. ni ni chit66 says:

    on B class r u still using cheap plastic salad bawl ? Pre-econ class why u r so cheap to use one time use cheap plastic silver ware ?–not worth the money to pay for it . sfo-tpe econ class food are like frozen food . Reagards

  23. the first picture from the premium economy class of lufthansa wasn't from lufthansa, I think it was the economy from British airways

  24. Will Leong says:

    That's Singapore airlines economy for the last slide not premium economy and the slide before that is not even Singapore airlines

  25. you have wrong picture on your three videos: top ten first class, top ten business class and this

  26. peter g says:

    air new hvfhnmvngg

  27. Alabama B says:

    Mixed with economy seat pictures, and business class meals. You high?

  28. Air New Zealand's premium. Economy changed

  29. Mixing all business premium Econ and Econ class. Do the research

  30. Abdia Khan says:

    Emirates buissness class is lit 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️🎉🎉🎉🎉✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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