World’s Best Economy Class airlines 2015 by Skytrax – the top 10

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The World’s Best Airlines were honoured at the Skytrax World Airline Awards held at the Paris Air Show on the 16 June 2015. See the World’s Best Economy …



  1. Ryan Vlnt says:

    YEAH LET'S GO ASIANA I ride asiana new york to soul and then soul to philippines

  2. noob168 says:

    What the heck? I was listening to the song in the video on Spotify right before I watched this.

  3. Tysee says:

    I'm shocked that quant as wasn't on here

  4. Squid HD says:

    I just flew with Eva air 777 Economy class to YYZ-TPE and it wasn't that bad! Also I flew to TPE-MNL Pre economy class and it's good too. The new economy class on Eva air is better

  5. ItsDestiny says:

    Emirates is almost the exact same as Korean Air economy class

  6. I hate the "music"!

  7. why mea airlines is not mentioned? it has the exact same cabin as asiana

  8. Max T. says:

    This is such bullshit, airlines pay to rank high

  9. Berat Özel says:


  10. tonkabbify says:

    emirates's economy is not bad except the A380, it is just too big and too noisy.

  11. scr2k _ says:

    Lufthansa and Ethiad? WTF

  12. hearts76100 says:

    Where the fuck was this survey done ? Eastern parts of the world! Lol

  13. Where is American Airlines? :)

  14. absolutely I love qatar airways

  15. FaZe mindham says:

    i have been on eva air and its so shit go on thai air. on eva there are no good english movies and the food its all shit

  16. There really isn't much of a difference in economy class on all the airlines, just the same little tv, small space and yeah. Don't really think there is a top economy class.

  17. 陳柏宇 says:

    Is it just me that I didn't feel any difference when I flew between Cathay Pacific and Asiana

  18. barzi says:

    name off the song brothers

  19. Jue Li says:

    ANA first place then Asiana then Cathay Pacific btw all these carriers are ASIAN

  20. rizky prima says:

    Garuda Indonesia is the best…..

  21. Koza Fubu says:

    Asiana is sooooooooooooo bad

  22. Name Filler says:

    No Turkish airlines???????REALLY SKYTRAX?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?TURKISH AIRLINES IS AMAZING!!!!!

  23. Singapore airlines food is the best for economy

  24. Paxion202 says:

    If Philippine Airlines makes it in the top 10 you know that the end of the world is near

  25. MrPetemaker says:

    Who is Fly Emirates ?

  26. Skytrax , I love your videos about Airplanes. I will definitely subscribe to you!!!

  27. I think Singapore airlines is the best.

  28. JBC 채널 says:

    I'm so proud about asiana airline is 1st

  29. This video isnt made by skytrax. It's made by people who put it name skytrax

  30. I was in a plane crash and broke my right arm and my two legs I was I hospital for 5 days?

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