World’s Best Business Class Airlines 2016

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February 20, 2017
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  1. Worlds safest airlines 2016 by airlineratings

  2. Please checkout my new video Air France La Premiere

  3. Air France a 380 business class is a crap.

  4. There's a mix of pictures from buisness and first classe of many airlines you showed I think! Nice vid though…

  5. Peter Pan says:

    Is Air New Zealand not in there cuz its technically not a business class or why?

  6. surachai th says:

    some photo first class

  7. why showing pics of first class in between for report regarding BC?

  8. Andrew Mark says:

    few images are from first class, overall video is excellent

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  10. Luca Coban says:

    On the Emirates pictures the first one is in first class not business

  11. Sat The pro says:

    Dude you showed Emirates first class at starting

  12. OneFlight says:

    Some of the pictures you're showing are first class not business

  13. emirates and airfrance some images are from first class

  14. Jeff Spoon says:

    everything is ok except emirates and airfrance some images are from first class

  15. Anne Palmer says:

    I dont like business class, i only travel in FC

  16. Emirates 7 the first pic was first class and the 4rth other was buessnuis

  17. Manuel 76 says:

    Why isn't Swiss international airlines there?๐Ÿ™

  18. macc_attacc says:

    Uhhh, disagreed with pretty much every airline ranking

  19. picture on video front is delta

  20. hanson Feng says:

    its just so annoying when you keep putting pics of first class seats and economy class meals, we talking about business here like seriously WTF

  21. Yannick Yam says:

    What you put first and business class for emirate

  22. What about air canada Dreamliner?

  23. Ng Ronald says:

    Some of the photos of some airlines are not actually the business class, are premium economy class like the first photo on cathay pacific and first class on emirates

  24. isopath1 says:

    Who makes up this tripe? Air New Zealand keeps winning best business class and you publish this bull

  25. But Air Canada has the best business class๐Ÿ˜

  26. vortex ape says:

    I went on lufthansa and im proud to say it was absalutely horrible

  27. why have first class at Fly Emirates?

  28. dreadlord76 says:

    Good Business class should not require climbing over your seat mate in this day and age.

  29. SingaporeAir should be the first

  30. Akina Newlyn says:

    I think Etihad is way better than SQ

  31. Uzair Islam says:

    emirtias should be 1 ethihad2 Qatar 3 and why is British airways not. there

  32. akkc 619 says:

    1. SQ should have been first 2. Put the newest versions of the seats because ur mixing the older, newer and and even older seats together

  33. Dylan Simons says:

    Wow big surprise that Qatar is first

  34. Zmaray DxB says:

    how can you show emirates' first class seats and their economy meal branded as business class in ur vid???!!!! not okay guys….

  35. Mike Garnham says:

    Too many First Class images render this selection inappropriate.

  36. Callum Bird says:

    3:47 is first class Emirates not business class

  37. Uzair Islam says:

    you take that. back I'm from uk British airways had 1 crash your sooooo cringe the guy who is

  38. Good video. Annoying music.

  39. I think Turkish Airlines should be awarded No 1!

  40. half of these pics were from first class seats

  41. Yay Singapore airlines that's I I fly on I trust Singapore airlines

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