World’s Best Business Class airlines 2015 by Skytrax – the top 10

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February 8, 2017
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February 9, 2017

The World’s Best Airlines were honoured at the Skytrax World Airline Awards held at the Paris Air Show on the 16 June 2015. See the World’s Best Business …



  1. i think Qantas Qatar emirates

  2. what about malaysia airline

  3. We are juz a little red dot which cant even see from the Earth Map
    First country to purchased the Airbus A380… First country to get the latest Iphone .. Many International Companies set up their Headquarter here.. Proud to born a Singaporean…

  4. yey garuda… garuda is the best…

  5. J S says:

    NO JETBLUE OR AMERICAN AIRLINES??? Jetblue and American airlines have beautiful business classes.

  6. Filza Adhira says:

    WOOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP UP GOOD WORK GARUDA!!!! LIKE

  7. Rakha 541 says:

    6.Garuda Indonesia

  8. where's delta airlines?

  9. Why there is no jet airways

  10. CALEBXTEHIRA says:

    Air New Zealand???

  11. How did even Sg airlines get the first position? I mean i'm a singaporean, but really? from what i see on reviews on youtube etc, i find sg lower than emirates..

  12. Royal says:

    Qatar is the Best than any other airlines

  13. Garuda Indonesia yeah

  14. buya shaka says:

    Wo ist denn Lufthansa ? Führender Airline in Europa , investieren Milliarden von Euro jährlich und nicht mal in de Top 10 W-T-F

  15. Ferdi Sufi says:

    Garuda Indonesia!!!!

  16. yeah singapore airlines. we are the best!World!

  17. How is it possible that Emirates is not in the top 5!? Really.

  18. I know it is Skytrax and everything, but to be fair, i think British Airways should be in this list. Im not even from England, but i have been on it many times, and i love it! Food is great, seats are comforable, i just love it!!! And By The Way, how is Emirates not in top 5? I mean, come on!!!

  19. Qantas… lol… their a380 business and first class is sooooo outdated and old.

  20. Srsly emirates lol

  21. I love Singapore Airlines………

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