World’s 10 Most Overrated Travel Attractions

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April 11, 2017
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April 13, 2017

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  1. GoIdmind says:

    Definitely the walk of fame!

  2. K Kvn says:

    Paris Eiffel tower should be up there

  3. Peter IcYou says:

    What in the fk does the US know they are wankers morons…

  4. Peter IcYou says:

    New York it's a shit hole…..over rated to the max…

  5. foxxmufasa says:

    times square is awesome 

  6. foxxmufasa says:

    anything in nashville is overrated

  7. Riz2336 says:

    Hell yeah to the little dude who shoots out beer.

  8. Kent England says:

    I would visit all,its not just about how it looks,its about its history and just being able to be there.Add to that when you are there you are also in a different country to enjoy.

  9. Clyde Day says:

    It is a double edged sword. I don't think anything like the pyramids, or Stonehenge should be "owned" by anyone, and they belong to everyone. On the other hand if not then someone would come along, and destroy them as to not let anyone else be able to view them.

  10. You would get germs from other people's saliva even if people didn't pee on it

  11. geobeats says:

    Which one in your opinion is the most overrated travel attraction?

  12. Bob Smith says:

    lol who the fuck cares about USA today's bigoted opinion.

  13. Eiffel Tower in Paris,France

  14. isaaciescs says:

    Alhambra of Granada in Spain!!

  15. Osiris4441 says:

    haha i knew that the little murmaid was nr 1 ;D and as a dane i agree

  16. Overrated attractions……..any church……..Niagara falls (money pit and the worst bus station known to man!!

  17. Brenda Scott says:

    What a miserable bunch of attractions. Lets go and look at Geobeats travel and how shit it is. So astronomical clock, stonehenge and Blarney stone don't perform for you

  18. LOL that woman at the end. Good one.

  19. I never heard of the Little Mermaid until I went to Copenhagen.   I agree.  It's not much, but there are plenty of other things to do in Copenhagen than stare at a statue on a rock that's a few feet offshore.

  20. Javi says:

    The little mermaid!! LOL 😀

  21. Sorry Geobeats but you guys are hypocrites. You put "New York's Times Square" and the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" on some of you other "Top 10 Must See" attractions lists, yet you then go and included here on your "Most Overrated" list. So are they "Must Sees" or "Overrated"? Pick ONE. What gives?

  22. Dave says:

    Hey im from czech republic and maybe it goes of at 12 pnly but its buetiful

  23. AndrewofWare says:

    Since the new visitors' centre has been opened Stonehenge is a wonderful place to visit. One of the roads has been closed and grassed over. The high security fence has gone, although you have to book in advance to actually go and touch and walk among the stones. Don't forget the earthworks, barrows and other sites around Stonehenge. It adds up to a moving experience.

  24. Your mom's mouth .she begs many men to cum but once you do cum you'll want to leave

  25. John Stone says:

    Well, it is called "The Little Mermaid" and it lives up to its name so what are people complaining about?  LOL 

  26. John Stone says:

    Plymouth rock was underwhelming. 

  27. walkinhop says:

    If it is called a travel attraction, it is overrated.

  28. Brace Brooks says:

    I still wanna see Times Square, preferably at night. I guess those who are common and bored with it live in downtonw New York City. I wouldn't mind seeing the Egyptain pyramids too, especially if I can go inside of them.

  29. Sam S says:

    Seattle is overated

  30. Surprise that Niagara Falls wasn't up there.

  31. WYLDEKID says:

    anything in england (e.g. london)
    las vegas strip

  32. Cancun sucks, I'd rather visit the villages around it.

  33. American women are overrated. They like to boast about how they're "liberated", but they behave exactly like women from the middle east. American women are basically Muslim women without hijabs. Liberated my ass.

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