What are the world’s best airlines?

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Emirates takes the number one spot, according to a survey of millions of airline passengers conducted by Skytrax.



  1. This is bullshit, Singapore airline is one place higher than Cathay pacific? And I tried Emirates, I think Qatar is way better.

  2. american airlines are jealous because they are all shit

  3. ᄆ꺼져라 says:

    btw why has garuda indonesia kicked out from top10 best airlines tho….? that was incredibly fucked up ㅡ.ㅡ

  4. derty QWERTY says:

    I will confirm that Delta is near the bottom of the list. They do not care about their customers, believe me, they ditch many people in Atlanta airport at night, I was forced to sleep there because of their lack of care for anyone and poor management of planes. They gave us nothing for stranding an entire plane at the airport, 0 care was given when asked for help after being stranded.

  5. Cheema Boyz says:

    Qatar Airways is better than emirates

  6. If your national airline is the only "best in the world" that your country can offer,it kinda tells that your country is pretty shit⋯⋯

  7. JNBeasty says:

    i like air new zealand thats where I'm from there so big like massive

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