“Vdara” The best hotel in Vegas!! review Panoramic Style city corner room walkthrough!!

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January 13, 2017
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January 14, 2017

A walk through of a Suite at the Vdara.First of sorry about the shakiness just broke my foot. If you were thinking of going to Las Vegas then this might be your spot …



  1. Making a living sounds better than making a "killing". Words matter. We have to pay attention to the words we use. Lets make a paradise on Earth and use non aggressive language. 

  2. HT says:

    Excellent review

  3. We all like to search through pictures and illustrations to find a suitable hotel for a weekend or a short holiday. Next to price and location, visuals are among the most important criteria to influence our choice. But what exactly do we mean by location? And how can we use pictures to make a choice, when they give very little information about things like hygiene or, even more important, the quietness of a room which will determine how well you sleep in that hotel?
    A close correlation between what hotels promise online and actually offer offline is becoming increasingly important for a good customer experience and for receiving positive reviews.

    There is an ever increasing number of apps and tools, let’s call them consumer initiatives, to measure specific selection criteria. Look at the hotel wifi test app with which you can test the hotel’s WiFi quality. Why? Because promises like ‘good WiFi’ still tell us very little about the actual quality of the WiFi. Also, online video marketing tools offer opportunities to hotels, e.g. to show the location by means of picture taken from drones or 360-views from the air. This shows the public not just the hotel but what they can find next door and whether it will be really quiet at night. Power to the consumer.


  4. I've been watching a lot of vegas room tour videos and this is by far the most stylish room so far! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I love that it doesn't have a casino because it seems it would be nice to be able to retreat and get away from all of that. 

  5. comalley0130 says:

    You mix Johnnie Walker… with coke?

  6. We we're just in Vegas last week 2/25/15 & stayed @ Vdara best hotel ever! Good service, friendly staff.. We got the 2 story 2 bedroom penthouse, on the 56 floor, view was awesome! 

  7. I'm a member of the Mlife, Mlife.com so I got a huge discount, got it for $300 a night.. Compare to original price of $1059.00 a night on the Vdara.com

  8. seeyou414 says:

    Great video those candies and drinks have a sensore device so I wont even touch them.Get the duces aka the double decker bus if you want to go too the fremont casinos its cheaper than a cab. 

  9. Michael Tran says:

    If anyone wants to book this room at wholesale rate, please contact me directly. I WILL GUARANTEE you the best room rate if you are looking for hotels in Vegas. 
    http://www.eventspluscorporate.com or email bookings@eventspluscorporate.com
    All I need is your check-in and check-out dates. In return, I will send you over rates that you can compare online before coming to a final decision! (=

  10. Germanys Produkt ? Dishwascher. Washmaschine. Microwave. Dryer.??

  11. Mike Toles says:

    You are a terrible camera operator. Why don't you do more close up shots of blank walls, yourself in the mirror, or close ups of seat cushions, instead of you know… actually showing the rooms.

  12. Gabo Prado says:

    A piano would be nice

  13. Asif Malik says:

    they should ad a control panel like the Aria to the room and i prefer toilets with a door. but its ok

  14. I loved my time at this hotel

  15. NimNum says:

    Hey guys, I need you opinion where one do you think is better to stay Vara or Cosmopolitan ?

  16. NimNum says:

    What floor was this ?

  17. NimNum says:

    I stay here, over the weekend if anyone wanna hear about my experience!

  18. KK WW says:

    entrance driveway

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