Traveling with Watercolors – My Recommendations

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December 25, 2016
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My go-to recommendations for watercolor supplies when traveling. Subscribe for more videos: Blog post with links to products used: …



  1. Donna Walker says:

    Great informative video.  I just love JetPens, too.  Thanks for the video :-D

  2. If anyone is looking for a small cheaper watercolor set Winsor&Newton has one with halfed colors. It's called "Winsor&Newton Cotman Sketchers Pocket box". At least I know in Germany it's ~ 12€ and I was pretty satisfied with it but I sadly gave it away a long time ago which I deeply regret. Just in case someone wants to add another one to the list. It's a really tiny box but comes with 12 colors and space to mix them. I so want it back!

  3. hovawart16 says:

    The Daiso chain of Japanese dollar stores in the US sells plastic w/c palettes in a variety of sizes for $1.50, I believe.

  4. Anna Trejo says:

    The Sakura Koi waterbrush needs to be unscrewed righty-loosey, haha, it's confusing.

  5. Thank you for sharing this video, Kristina! I think I saw a similar video you made a while back, but it's great to see updated supplies! <3

  6. Lol… I did the same thing. The thread is backwards to standard thread.

  7. Thanks Kristine for this very good video. I just want to mention that the little blue japanese water brush could open when traveling to a higher altitude, due to the change of the atmosferic pressure change. So I would recomend to empty it when is not being used.

  8. Bev Roberts says:

    Love that brush container; Hobby Lobby carries them here in the U.S.

  9. Great review. I think that pouch on the inside of the left cover of the Kuretake Gansai Watercolor Palette with Water Brush looks just the right size to hold the closed palette of paints securely when you aren't actively painting. And, how nice that they made the center pocket removable so it doesn't flop over into either your palette or paper when painting.

  10. Eva Beck says:

    Someone had asked me a question pertaining to this video, specifically to your Peerless Watercolor handbook you created. I couldn't come up with an answer. So, I thought I'd go to the source and ask the source, that meant going to you. So, I really hope that you will answer the question… How did you secure the punched out squared Peerless Watercolor piece into your handmade book? Followed by, how did you replace the color piece that you used up?

  11. Hi Kristina, I saw you have difficulties to open the brush. I think you have to turn it the other way,it is left winded, I think!!!
    Want to let you know that I love your videos a lot! Sibylle

  12. read the comments and saw that somebody elso told you already!!!;)

  13. Hi Kristina ~ This is an awesome, awesome informational video. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for us. The Kuretake kit will be perfect for my daughter, who is an Art Therapist, but lives in a small/tiny home without much in the way of storage. So much helpful information. Thanks for sharing. ~HUGS~

  14. chaos18panic says:

    The Sakura Koi field box looks amazing. I'm going to have to try to find it here in the UK.

  15. This is a great informational video. Nice job covering all the bases. I love the dropper idea for additional water. I will look for a plastic one. Maybe a cleaned food coloring container? I really like the Koi watercolors. Thanks for posting!

  16. MMSacca says:

    Bought my peerless, can't wait to make that palette.. Thank you for sharing so much info in this video..

  17. Great tips, Kristina! For anyone who has a Hobby Lobby nearby, they have basically the same plastic folding palette for less than half what charges. Plus, you can save even more if you use a coupon! 🙂 I have this one, and it works great. I just squeezed some paint from my tubes into it, let that dry, and I have a great little palette. You can find it in their art department. (This is the one I'm talking about: They also sell the Koi watercolor pan set. More than on Amazon, but again, you can use a coupon to bring it down to about the same price–and no shipping charges! Thanks for sharing these items & tips, Kristina! :)

  18. mrihhaisy says:

    Honestly i've laid my eyes fot the zig clean color marker for like years and you reviewing it making me crave it more but then its so expensive, i could only buy one at a time ??

  19. Eve U says:

    Love watercolor period! It's so relaxing to me. Thanks for the review on the compact gansi tambi travel case. I've seen it and wondered. So now, I don't have to wonder any more. Thanks again. ?

  20. Gail Gassen says:

    Great informative video! Thanks so much this is my second time watching!??

  21. Please do a video on ur art supplies! Am curious

  22. I didn't hear?if you said what you made your Peerless Watercolor book from. Looks laminated…..???

  23. What kind of black mat are you using on your table?

  24. Witch says:

    that Japanese palette is so cute, its like a toy X3

  25. Crystal Dew says:

    this video was very helpful.. thank you.. ?

  26. I love and appreciate ths information. I do love to watercolor. I was sent here by Jennifer McGuire,

  27. Hammad S says:

    I don't know much on water colouring, but I really enjoy watching your card tutorials. I plan on getting the Sakura Koi 12 colour set. What do you think of the Cotman Watercolor Sketchers' Pocket Box? Apparently they use alternatives to expensive pigments to reduce costs…. I don't know if that's good/bad^^"

  28. How did you attach your second page to your peerless palette? I have 60 swatches so two pages isn't enough.

  29. can you make a video on calligraphy… plz…

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