Traveling, Driving, Moving in Your RV Motorhome – Tips & Recommendations

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January 19, 2017
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January 20, 2017

Tips and recommendations for moving, traveling and driving your RV Motorhome whether you live in your RV or just the motorhome for recreational use.



  1. plstrom says:

    oh Pippi ! lol

  2. Your doing a great job on the videos. 

  3. hotmasked1 says:

    My question is what would you do if you had and engine or transmission problem? get those repair done could cost thousands of dollars !!! So do you have the extra $ saved for a that rainy day? I think you would save more $ living in a camper van vs an RV because you could park stealth and not pay for any parking at all what are your thoughts on that? 

  4. Mr. Drifter says:

    I like your channel, I just started vloging and om on the huntfor a class A and I will be going full time in a couple of months.thanx for the videos

  5. Larry Witte says:

    I like your videos. Good info. Happy trails. :)

  6. Larry Witte says:

    I like your videos. Good info. Happy trails. :)

  7. Steely Flyer says:

    You are something else. I really admire and envy you!

  8. Jack Connors says:

    PS,, As Im a Newby,, Your tips are SUPER,, Im still Undesided on 5th Wheel,or Motor Home, and Then Towing my Welding Truck Behine,, Thanks again,, Jack,, Will watch All,,, 

  9. Wagner Mello says:

    My darling Peterson Pippi good night! In my country this kind of housing is not very common and I want to congratulate you for your motor home and willingness to face Their journeys. I think it's a great adventure, with diverse landscapes, wonderful places and various amusements. I'm from Brazil, live in the third capital of my country and unfortunately we have no traditions or customs of this type of housing but I thought it was possible to live the motor home because my country is full of wonderful places and unexplored by many here . When was the world cup football, I met several Americans here.

  10. Wagner Mello says:

    You know, my country there are many wonderful places to live and appropriate temperatures, different climates and as you know we have a wonderful forest called Amazonia. If you ever want to know this part of the world, I will receive you with pleasure and great and satisfaction. In 1982 I lived in California, Walnut Creek and it was great to know the customs of your country.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing, Pippi! I recently bought and fixed up an RV and a mutual viewer of our channels recommended yours to me. I'm so excited to watch more of your videos!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing, Pippi! I recently bought and fixed up an RV and a mutual viewer of our channels recommended yours to me. I'm so excited to watch more of your videos!

  13. Foxy Print says:


  14. 2A556FMJ says:

    Love the positive attitude. I certainly can't give up the comforts of a house, very impressive you can do it full time.

  15. Craig B says:

    I got it! Geena Davis look alike.

    Thanks for all the good info. I've been scouring youtube for vids on living in an RV and yours help me a lot.

  16. Max Knight says:

    I love these videos of yours Pippi, im in a camper trailor, no holding tanks, so i can just unhook and leave when ever i want, But i do want a big RV, it just sounds nicer but i keep forgeting about insurance on a RV, can you tell us more about that?

  17. Goin Rving says:

    I like your tips you give for RV living.

  18. You have a car too? How does that work out when you move?

  19. Looks so nice like a living room. It's so nice and bright just like I like it! The plants make it look fresh and alive. 

  20. pigpaul says:


  21. Ken Nicoll says:

    Love your videos and I'm glad your living the dream. All the best be safe and god bless

  22. I just came across one of your videos quite by accident, and ended up watching several of them.  It was really fun to watch them – and pretty informative.  I am restoring a vintage Airstream trailer, so in a couple of years when I retire I'd like to take it across the good ole USA.  It's inspirational to see a young woman doing what you are doing and what a confidence builder it must be to accomplish such independence and be able to help others too!  Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.  All the best to you Pippi, and happy trails!

  23. mixmasterjt says:

    Great tips. My wife and I just sold everything and are hitting the road full time in our RV with our two kids! See you on the road!

  24. gangones says:

    you made mine american dream to actually come true!!! 😀 i´m coming to college in usa and i´m fully realistic and aware that i´m not going to get the million dollar home as an foreign, and i don't even need one! that's the way of life for me and part time jobs are more than fine, i can move around the states and see places 🙂 sad thing just is that i can't live that way while going to school because i have to have a permanent mailing adress due to sevis department…and the fact that the parking space allows you stay maximum 6months was a bit downer  for me but good thing to know….i always assumed that you could stay as long as you will but i quess that would be the desert, whihch wouldn't be bad either if you get pick-up truck for getting water with tanks and lots and LOT of can food. Everybody here are a bit jealous for me leaving so far away and always telling dumb things to get me down such as "you are not going to make it", but i will, i quarantee it and maby meet nice folks like you on the way, there is nothing worse than stay in put, because there isn't jobs either! so rather i'll goo see the world and start a college studying mine hobby which is art and then travel travel travel

  25. pedro navaha says:


  26. You are doing a great job with your videos! It's great to see you laughing and being happy. Safe travels!

  27. E E says:

    Really good information on your channel. Looking forward to the next vid.

  28. A lot of useful information in a so short video. Thanks! And keep smiling 😉 Hugs from Brazil!

  29. I wish I had the guts to do what you are doing at your age! you are an inspiration, maybe I'll do it yet! great tips as usual! Very scary visual…loosing the top half of an RV under a bridge!LOL

  30. I like your video thank you from lorraine robichaud

  31. Humanastory says:

    Miss Peterson, we are excited to see such work done, we've linked your video at our site! Thank you for putting it out as we feel it is good to see helpful information out there.

  32. very informative. thanks for sharing.

  33. Gypsy Rollin says:

    I like your videos and ideas on how to organize.  Mine is even smaller….so more organizing coming up :)

  34. ArtistSoul13 says:

    Awesome tips……lots of little things that one can forget that are just so simple but very important to make things easier. Adding all the tips that I learn in my RV Living Research notebook………..thanks again for all the great things you post for everyone.

  35. Good tips. For some reason, the video seemed more entertaining during the 2nd+ viewing. :)

  36. Hello Pipi, I'm a Brazilian designer, I'm converting a bus in RV to live. My friends say "You're crazy …), but I make my childhood dream of reality.
    You're a special girl. It's cool.

  37. It's always wise to pretrip any vehicle before operating it. Just as important as checking your vehicle is checking the conditions, route, and yourself. As I drive a semi truck hundreds of miles everyday, being awake before checking everything is important. Sometimes, it's easy to forget some small detail and it becomes a big problem. Once you've verified all is good, double check the time of your departure. If you are near a city, rush hour and visibility can stir up some problems. So, it's always best to be alert if planning and performing any maneuvers. Safety safety safety. ; )

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  39. thank you very much, I'll use these tips whenever I get my rv, glad to see women out there who arent afraid to give advice. keep up the great work. safe travels.

  40. Having a printed checklist to consult before embarking should avoid some costly mistakes.

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