Travel to Kashgar! Josh’s Top Recommendations in Xinjiang’s Best Silk Road Oasis

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January 22, 2017
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January 24, 2017

Experience what it’s like to travel to Kashgar and learn what’s worth seeing while you’re there. Josh provides his top recommendations for this top Silk Road …



  1. 蔡建章 says:

    love this video
    from xinjiang, from China

  2. I am from Kashgar, now studying in US. I really like your video, thanks for sharing. You also can visit Yusuf Has Hajip mausoleum in Kashgar city, Mahmud Kashgari mausoleum in Opal, and Sultan Sutuk Bughra Khan mausoleum in Artush.

  3. SS Xiong says:

    The lake looks amazing!

  4. KuDik k says:

    name musik plz ??

  5. Ad Kh says:

    Great videos, very informative! Just subscribed!

  6. love this -but the share code is wrong so I could not send the link to my daughter :(

  7. Jim Clay says:

    I am interested in visiting Xinjiang and Kashgar in particular. Thanks for an excellent video!
    Jim Clay

  8. Excellent video, Josh, as usual! Another nearby location that's well worth visiting – especially since it's only a day trip – is Yapchan, a small town outside Kashgar that was well-known for having camels for sale at the livestock portion of their bazaar, which was every Tuesday when I lived in Kashgar.

  9. tian shansky says:

    Kashgar is not far from the border with Kyrgyzstan and that border is open to foreigners to cross. It is also not far from the border with Tajikistan, but that border is still to this day not open to foreigners to cross. Let's hope that will change at some point.

  10. qqiang wang says:

    Amazing video . I am interested of tajike people .would you talk more about them in your opinion .

  11. M Dodo says:

    Nice video….I've sent you an email.

  12. Hsing Chen says:

    Love Xinjiang,love China.the Uighur belong to Persian culture in China not Muslim.

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