Travel to Australia, Top 10 Tourist Destinations

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July 12, 2017
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Travel to Australia. If you’re planning Australia tourism anytime soon you may be interested to know the top 10 …



  1. Shaan Sarao says:

    I'm Australian IM AUSTRALIAN

  2. Nice list, Tasmania is really beautiful 🙂 I'll ask about this list on ShutterBee – iOS travel app I'm constantly on. It has a pretty big community of travelers and I wonder what would be their opinion. You can check it here:

  3. If you are visiting Sydney Don't miss out Katoomba and Jenolan caves

  4. Super Dude says:

    Don't forget to awkwardly look away whenever you see a homeless Aboriginal. The white Australians only stole their land, no biggie.

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  6. Voltz says:

    My school brought me here

  7. John W. says:

    i plan to visit australia

  8. Awesome channel, really liked it!

  9. Matthew Webb says:

    I live in melbourne and in the city itself its boring nothing to do

  10. DasBlue says:

    Awesome Video! Please go check out my GoPro HERO 5 BLACK filmed Australian Beaches Video (2017) !!! Thanks 🙂

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  12. These series are great!! Thanks for sharing with us !

  13. I loved your video, What was your inspiration behind it? Please also take a look at my travel serial, been to America, Espana, Kingdom of Thailand and Commonwealth of Australia so far! all the best! Josh

  14. Hugo Cabanac says:

    qui écoute cette vidéo car il la control sur ça !!!! (Toulouse )

  15. Nice video.. Apart from this, I also use First Fate Social App.. All the hangout places recommended by friends is visible on his profile, so saves a lot of effort. You can try it also if you like..

  16. Jesse James says:

    What a shame the government doesn't care about the reef!

  17. mh3 says:

    No offence, but it looks a bit boring overall.

  18. Awesome video! These videos always inspire me – Really digging your content 🙂 check out my vid if you have a little time, I think we both have similar passions

  19. here's a few shots of us in melbourne! !

  20. Love Australia! Had a close up encounter with a koala!

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