TRAVEL TIPS: Camera Recommendations and Bringing a Phone Travelling

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January 3, 2017
2017: The Year You Make Travel happen
January 4, 2017

This video was shot with the Sony NEX5R – Got a travel question you want answered? Leave a comment below, and I’ll answer Join me …



  1. DentonJoseph says:

    Kristen's Travelling the world

  2. DamonAndJo says:

    Girl is spittin' the truth! You go girl.

  3. sammm says:

    Do you think you could also recommend a good waterproof/shockproof camera for more adventurous travels?

  4. Brian P. says:

    Thanks for answering my question! Thats a great sized camera, never even heard of the nex line before.

  5. Amy Parker says:

    I really enjoyed this video. :)

  6. Crabjuice says:

    Maybe you could call your Q&A's, "KrisTips" or "Sarahdippity" or "Dancing Plus Some Travel-Related Stuff Added"?

  7. You just made me a fan of yours! Best wishes!

  8. Wish you still had the ring in for your nose piercing, but you're still beautiful either way haha

  9. lolsaXx says:

    I like your hood

  10. Your videos are beautiful so I'm excited to hear that you're using something similar to me! My Sony NEX 3n is my favorite camera I've ever owned, DSLR included. I love that the quality is so clear even though it's super small AND it has a flip screen so I can see what I'm doing when I film myself. And the manual controls are awesome. Maybe eventually I'll get one of the higher up ones in the line, once I figure out what's actually going on with the Alpha line since they dropped the NEX branding. 

  11. canucksv says:

    Omg i love your facial expressions haha so expressive oh and love your big eyes :D

  12. shetravels says:

    very helpful tips, thanks!

  13. Ooh, haven't heard of Sony's Nex cameras, but it sounds like it's definitely worth looking into. Your videos look amazing! 

  14. Moto Madness says:

    haha wild child ;)

  15. hadier Dahab says:

    You know, dear beautiful in all that progressive is the beautiful eyes as if they were two large moon in the sky

  16. Thanks for the video. But I'm going to China for year and will be having a video blog. However I'm not sure what camera to buy since I'm totally new to this. I was hoping to find camera that can take decent video and pictures even outside around $300. Any recommendations?

  17. Dano Speak's says:

    camera  fun and  questions

  18. Hey Kristen! Just subscribed you, and I am an avid traveller too, and looking forward to have my own blog too! Keep on doing your best, Katie…Perry alike (lol)

  19. Linnéa D says:

    I have a camera, a bit like yours, but Samsung instead of Sony. Do you think I should buy a Gopro? I'm thinking of buying the new Hero (cheaper) since I don't want to spend so much of my travel budget on a kamera. I'm going to Ecuador for Three months and will do some crazy stuff:)

  20. Jacob Black says:

    I just purchased the Sony Nex 5N. One question: What camera lens do you use to shoot your videos? Thanks for the recommendation. Made purchasing a camera for my travels quick and easy.

  21. I'm a sony user too!!! I have a sony a6000!

  22. bryce rollet says:

    You look like green riding hood 

  23. Jon Campbell says:

    Why don’t people just use there camera phones when travelling? Is the quality not good enough?

  24. cindy gaytan says:

    Hi! I just found your channel and I loooove it! I was wondering what kind of lens you recommend? Which one do you use? Thanks! 

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