Tour of Nashville – Best Places to Visit

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November 1, 2017
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November 2, 2017

Join Scott as he gives a guided tour of the past and present highlights of Nashville This tour of Nashville, TN visits The Country Music Hall of Fame, Broad Street, …



  1. Too many people. I don't care for destruction of history and nature in the name of progress.

  2. ray bon says:

    For a place that big. It seems pretty quiet. And peaceful.

  3. RioY says:

    My grandpa's hometown!
    I wanna go to there someday!

  4. Fr4ncesco B says:

    My dream is to move from italy and go live and work in Nashville.

  5. Anybody in the comment section also going to national FCCLA 2017? If so, comment your state and category! #missouri #recycleandredesign

  6. I hate monels I used to eat there every Sunday now it's trash

  7. Ghenghy says:

    Yeah, Monell's is great. Other places not to miss in Nashville are 5th and Taylor, The Southern, Skull's Rainbow, Hattie B's, Kayne Prime, and Whiskey Kitchen. Oh yeah, and Acme.

  8. Jacob Cox says:

    I live here so to be its not that special but then I look through a tourists eyes and this the place to visit

  9. Rapture582 says:

    Boring, ugly, basic city, could not pay me to live there.

  10. very cool city, is it safe if I visit it alone? I am a woman 🙂

  11. CytixRBLX says:

    We also have 430 best buys :p

  12. KDY says:

    Idfw racist crackers

  13. Kyle says:

    The Monell's concept is awesome. I think I'll stop by there during my visit. NASHVILLE here I come!

  14. YOKEDup1 says:

    Nashville is by far, the best city in the South. Awesome town!

  15. i used to live there in west nashvile, im from mexico, was there for work, hermosas wueritas there, beutiful city!!

  16. Nashville is a beautiful place but i only hate the preds

  17. HARRY K says:

    You are too cute for words.

  18. Renee T says:

    I'm from NYC bout I'll rather move to Texas

  19. L says:

    why are you calling things historic? there is nothing historic to see

  20. SUNNY DELITE says:

    Nashville is a horrible place to live…nothing new. Building ugly ass condos and houses so close together that you'll be in your neighbors face-when you walk out the door. Condos here condos there condos everywhere. Instead of trying to help the homeless these assholes gives them free tickets to ride on a greyhound bus out of the city…and leave them. Thats Assville for ya. Destroying non white areas just to build more condos condos condos and sending the poor, elderly, and the disable out the city. Cutting their needs to feed the rich-and build more fuckin condos. Assville is ran by a bunch of wicked people who have no compassion for the less fortunate and they will someday pay for their evil deeds. I'm just waiting for Nashville to flop-asteroid hit it or something.

  21. FLYMB says:

    Let's Go Preds! Love from Finland <3

  22. Ouuu can't wait for my Nashville trip!!

  23. WaliFootball says:

    We just uploaded a video on Nashville let me know what you think! Thank you 🙂

  24. I left Tennessee 40 years ago. Tucson Arizona is the best place on Earth.

  25. Your background music is sweet home Alabama?

  26. Lasse 1964 says:

    god bless the nashville….my hometown…

  27. jeremiah says:

    funny that the only racist remarks ive read are from black Americans , i refuse to call you African American if youve never been there

  28. Arun banotra says:

    i dnt i always been in love with this city. love from india❤

  29. Shawn Weeks says:

    it ant nothing like good old trashville

  30. Love this place so much! Just moved here from Buffalo, NY, and while I'll always have Buffalo in my heart Nashville is the most incredible city ever! This video shows my move down, its amazing being in a city full of my fellow musicians, all hungry to make their mark on the world

  31. secret says:

    What is the state tax and what is the weather like ?

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  33. Marc Miner says:

    Hi there,

    I just came along your videos. Seems you're into Americana, so please check out my clips too. I'm sure you will like it.

    Have a nice day!

  34. This video makes me prould to be from Nashville

  35. Fuck Nashville it can go suck my dick my mother and father were murdered there

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