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June 18, 2017
Travel Style: Tony Fernandes
June 19, 2017

Check out my recommendations for the tech you should take on your travels! Airplane Headphone Jack: Headphone Splitter: …



  1. Caleb Brown says:

    +1 on the powerboard/strip and the airplane headphone adapter.

    I'd also add a "dumb USB" charging only cable to use in airplanes, airports, hotels, etc. And cheap prepaid travel SIMs (e.g. ReadySIM for the USA) – really handy for getting cheap mobile data while overseas.

  2. Your channel is awesome and your videos have a very high quality !!

  3. Ohh man, so glad I found this channel! You make really good videos and I hope that you soon get the attention that you deserve. Keep it up man ^^

  4. Wth only a 1000 views ?? You make wonderful videos .. really liked it … all the best

  5. Matt Sparks says:

    this is really helpful! thanks for posting! I'd never have thought to pack a power-board!

  6. Excellent video mate! Love how you went in depth! 🙂 Subbed! Looking forward to more awesome videos like this!
    Last October when we went to Italy, my primary concern was the battery of the gadgets I've brought. Since it was a class excursion, there were 2-4 of us taking up one room. That being said, with only a few electric outlets I regretted not bringing something similar to that power board. I did bring a USB port and then connected all of my gadgets to it, then connect that USB port to an AC adapter but it didn't give me stellar results. Also, I agree on the tablet bit. I wish I had the Chuwi Hi8 tablet that I have now, back in October, it would've made some things much more easier!
    Looking forward to future uploads mate! <3 Stay awesome! 🙂

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