TOP 50 World’s Best Airlines

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December 24, 2016
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December 25, 2016

At the World Airline Awards ceremony at Paris Airshow, Skytrax announced the world’s Top 100 Airlines in 2015, voted for by airline customers around the world.



  1. my sister is working at qatar airways as a flight purser?

  2. Master Chief says:

    1 Emirates
    2British Airways
    3 Singaphore Airlines
    4 Qatar Airways

  3. The Internet says:

    da fuq LATAM Airlines (LAN) should be at number 9 XD

  4. Where is air India ??????⭕️

  5. Thai airways should be the 6th best airline

  6. Master Chief says:

    Qatar should be 50

  7. Adam Dang says:

    Where is Vietnam airlines? Ok, their subsidiary jetstar pacific is in the top 50?! Come on Vietnam airlines is a four star airline! And jetstar is a 3 star? This is the most retarded list ever!

  8. No, Emirates is number 1 not Qatar for god sakes. Qatar is very good but Emirates is the Number 1 airline.

  9. Abyan Arif says:

    Yay Garuda Indonesia

  10. HyperVenom6 says:

    Turkish better then emirates? My ass.

  11. TheShislon says:

    What's the idea of reading out loud a list?
    A pathetic attempt to gain views for $$$?

  12. Emirates supposed to be first Qatar is second

  13. championions says:


  14. Jack Gormley says:

    Air New Zealand is far better then Virgin Australia!

  15. This Guy is stupid Cathay Pacific Is Far Better Than Quatar

  16. My favorite airline is delta But Cathay pacific is the best

  17. 172 Young says:

    DELTA????? AT 45?? im going to bed.

  18. Music Genius says:

    Lol, Not even the Airline I work for made the list. I can understand. But hopefully we can improve our service someday.

  19. Mayday Zone says:

    I think he made a mistake because he put in Air New Zealand all Blacks not normal one

  20. Toby Gibbons says:

    Lol look behind the virgin 320 At 1:20

  21. Marcel Aja says:

    8 garuda indonesia from my country indonesia best from indonesia

  22. Emirates should be the 1st, always

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