Top 5, Best airlines in the world.

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May 11, 2017
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Here my list of the worlds best Airlines hope you enjoyed! Airlines as they appeared 5) Turkish Airlines 4) Emirates Airlines 3) Cathay Pacific 2) Singapore …



  1. Awesome Video!!! Great new idea for the channel! Keep up the amazing videos! XD :))

  2. Theo H says:

    And Swiss 🙂 ?

  3. Many things to say about this video:
    1. This was a very awesome video!
    2. Etihad?
    3. I think a video like this of European, American, Asian, ect. airlines would be very cool and informative.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. flyguy905 says:

    Awesome Video! Do you think it's posdible for you to do the top 5 airlines in North America?

  5. i thought emrates would of been 1 or 2

  6. Best video of top 5 airlines i've ever seen.It would be great if 
    you can do  top 5 regional airlines.

  7. Great vid but where was air new zealand

  8. Excellent video!   My top 5 from 5th to 1st.: 
    United, Qatar, Emirates, Singapore, Etihad.

  9. PyroApple74 says:

    For me, here is my top 5 best airlines:

    1st QANTAS
    2nd Qatar Airways
    3rd Singapore Airlines
    4th Emirates
    5th Cathay Pacific

  10. singapore airlines don't have any 787's on order because they gave them all to scoot only 350's and 777-300ers. you also titled the the photo of the cabin "first class" and it is actually buissness class on the A380 and 777-300er there is only first class on the 777-300er

  11. should'nt Delta Airlines Be At #1?

  12. My top 5
    1 Jetstar
    2 QANTAS
    3 Garuda Indonesia
    4 Emirates
    5 Thai

  13. michael28064 says:

    Where's qantas airlines?

  14. I really like your choices! And I also love the way yy made this video! Subbed and liked!

  15. In what place would Air New Zealand be after Turkish?

  16. Eve Stirrat says:

    Singapore airlines is really good i have flown it alot and there really good with children

  17. what alliance is your favorite?

  18. where is Etihad on your list

  19. where is etihad airways

  20. Fouad Angel says:

    It's true quatar airways is the best i traveled with theme 4 times

  21. Leah Mikaere says:

    Wheres air new zealand

  22. ItzJay says:

    Were is air canada

  23. Rauf44 says:

    Where was air korea? XD (its a joke fo rthe poeple who think i was srs)

  24. Nah! Singapore airline is first!

  25. Where is Saudi Arabian Airlines

  26. What about Avianca……

  27. One of the best top 5 videos what i ever saw!!!

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