Top 15 Worst Airlines of the World (2017)

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October 11, 2017
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Read Full Description! This is a criticism video of Airlines across the Globe. I understand some may not agree with some of my findings but that is something …



  1. rap king says:

    this video was made in 2015, it is 2017 now and American airlines has improved a lot. united, frontier and ryan air are average. LOL I was like "what the f*ck" when you displayed virgin america as the worst airline in the world. Nice vid, would be cool if you could make a new actual 2017 video.

  2. Bro easy jet is amazing I went to Madeira on that plane

  3. Its Torxx says:

    Easy jet is amazing I have been on the plane more than 25 times and nothings went wrong

  4. Chris. M says:

    that north Korean airline should be a little higher in the list because it has small delays, always arrives on time and departures on time

  5. Spirit is ok it's not bad

  6. Virgin America is like one of the best this list is bad

  7. Oh lol it said just kidding that's funny lol

  8. Ninyo Plays says:

    You should add FlyBe instead of Ryanair FlyBe is more worst

  9. jhenrypp says:

    I thought Virgin America was number 1 but it was Air Koryo so

  10. Pro Fuze says:

    Am I the only one who loves easyjest

  11. How about wizz air is good or bad my opinion is good

  12. easyJet?!?! NO! I have flown with them so many times and they are FANTASTIC! That is RUBBISH!!!

  13. Raven says:

    My easyJet flight was 32 hours delayed

  14. Jason Chhang says:

    L.I.O.N Late is our nature

  15. You can mention Petra Airlines
    It was just like a tractor ! They Were teaching a new pilot how to fly because we were on a short flight!! The Departure scared me half to dealth and There was a very loud sound on our way!

  16. No way!! Pegasus Airlines are the best for Short Flights!!

  17. United airlines esayjet and ryan air is one of the safest airlines ever

  18. oof oof says:

    My grandfather has met the owner of the virgin company. The owner of everything virgin has made. Like the actual company virgin. He kissed my grandmother. Grandfather wasn't happy xD

  19. Hey British airlines are good what about Thompson (tui)

  20. Jet2holidays are good

  21. BS some of these airlines r good

  22. Scot Cycle says:

    Never had an issue with easyJet or Ryanair

  23. Tom Cutter says:

    Get off your highhorse. Who needs a reclining seat or in flight entertainment on a 1 hour or so flight. Ryanair is just fine as is easyjet. Just because you're in the air doesn't mean someone has to wait on you hand and foot. It's a quick way to get from a to b. Also for people saying fly with BA or Emirates. When those airlines start flying from Stansted to Glasgow or Dublin then yeah sure as long as it only costs me average 40 pound return. …. hmmm I doubt it. All for 1st class treatment when it's worth it but why bother on something that is only lasting a couple of hours or less. Plus I've flown the same distance from Scotland to London both with Ryanair easy jet and BA. with BA costing me at least 50 pound more for a worse flight experience and more expensive food. Yeah that's a fastball right there….. these high cost airlines aren't all they seem and are just after your money same as any other company including Ryanair of course, nothing is free – but they want more of your cash… for the same route that's all.

  24. Mr. Mister says:

    Surprised Kuwait Airways didn't made the list 😂😂😂😂

  25. Unless you have flown on every airline in existence it is hard to judge an opinion on which is the worst as these reviews may be from the occasional poor flight but at the end of they are all BUDGET airlines so you can't exactly expect caviar and moet brut for the in flight refreshments.

  26. But easyjet isn't so bad, it is really really cheap

  27. 千羽樱 says:

    Budget Air should not be counted

  28. oof oof says:

    I remember frontier from fa school

  29. Sushi says:

    Leave easyJet alone

  30. Snake Rookie says:

    THEY HAVE NEVER HAD A CRASH! (only a bit of turbulence)

  31. easyJet is a good airline

  32. PyroGamerXD says:

    Malaysia Air have the best cabin in the world,But…MH370,MH17,MH128 HIJACKED, AND MORE

  33. King slushi says:

    What do you mean easy jet is awesome it is my favourite airline

  34. Why isothere no china southern, WORST AIRLINE EVER! And I've travelled tiger…

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