Top 10 Worst Vacations Ever

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April 19, 2017
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April 20, 2017

A vacation should leave you with lifelong memories, but the holiday makers on this list will wish they could just forget them. From the elderly couple who were …



  1. kit kat says:

    elisa lam was canadian not chinese

  2. Mr.minty says:

    well shit,I'm going to Puerto Plata soon ๐Ÿ™

  3. I went to Puerta Plata in the Dominican Republic and at the weekends it went crazy because all the locals came for drinks at the bar. One guy jumped off the pool bar roof as some kind of stunt, and split his head on the side of the pool. His wife got so angry at his stupidity that she threw a cone at him.

  4. Lil J says:

    Screw You Canada Is Just Fine(Yea Yea Year I Know There Are Some Unsafe Areas In Canada But Imma Still Defend Meh Country)So ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. this is a joke.los angeles isn't bad it was just that one hotel out of tens of thousands

  6. Smaksak says:

    The music is seriously unfitting.

  7. Markus Ruiz says:

    he said Los Angeles wrong

  8. What is the problem? I stay in Kota Kinabalu … I think my birth place is not terrible, it's very best

  9. so teribble I hate it

  10. baboonigan! I live in the canary islands!!! luckily the rest of the vid was fine so no dislike๐Ÿ˜Š

  11. I already have a vacation…………the best one ever…………………………..WIFI!!!!

  12. for being gay really?????

  13. LodiTX says:

    Really enjoyed this. The stupid couple in Portugal kinda caused their own crappy vacation, but at least they'll never do that again. The divers on Great Barrier Reef were horrifying. My son likes to dive there; I'll pass on that story.

  14. kensa smith says:

    I am going to Puerto plats

  15. its not the spots that are bad, its the peoples who have bad luck, canada is amazing

  16. I hate people who hate gays I'm fucking gay it gets on my fucking nerves

  17. So for every other place they say the exact place that is bad but for Canada it's Canada is bad the whole thing. Canada is not a bad place it's the bad people

  18. Luke Eatough says:

    arrested for having a boyfriend. Oh dear…

  19. so Los Angeles is a bad place to visit because someone died in ONE hotel that only some people might stay in? wowwww

  20. Jack Juggers says:

    Number 2 sounds like a holiday

  21. Jayla Whylie says:

    am im the only one who thinks he pronounced Los Angeles wrong

  22. Elisa Lam Is Dead Dobidobi Nice Music

  23. Top 10 Worst Vacations Ever more like fuck me in the pussy

  24. Mazrim Taim says:

    Wouldn't "10 worst holiday mishaps" be a better title?

  25. Mazrim Taim says:

    Wouldn't "10 worst holiday mishaps" be a better title?

  26. What about that Irish girl who was left in her hotel room with her 2 way younger brother and sister while her parents went out drinking In a bar all night that girl was never seen after about 10 years

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