Top 10 Vacation Spots In The World

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December 23, 2016
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December 23, 2016

From Bora Bora to Las Vegas, we count down Top 10 Vacations In The World. Subscribe to MindChop by clicking here: Follow us on twitter …



  1. lol I'm from the bahamas. whoop whoop.

  2. Love your video about the best destinations! Hope you'll post more videos on your channel!

  3. sk liqui says:

    have been to all exept aruba :)

  4. Mike Patton says:

    Nobody mentions deadly dengue virus spreading across equator areas around the globe. 1 damn mosquito and you are finished. Add Malaria to this. Dengue during day, malaria during night. Many people who survived dengue wrote on tripadvisor they would never go there if they knew. The paradise was not worth that deadly desease. Talking about French Polynesia, Bora Bora, New Caledonia, even Hawaii. See WHO page about dengue spread. Scary shit. Now ZIKA adds to this.

  5. melike. says:

    where's london?

  6. Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific

  7. I've been to Maldives and it's beautiful

  8. i've went to Bora Bora to Intercontinental, its beautiful. I would recommend it to everyone

  9. massdagod says:

    Las Vegas is trash. It looks nice, but it's trash.

  10. massdagod says:

    And it's pronounced MalDEEVES, not MalDIVES. Get it right idiot.

  11. Gray Smith says:

    it's pronounced mawldeves not maal dives.

  12. Kim Howell says:

    have you ever been to any of these places or are you just stealing information from other sites?

  13. Pass on Egypt… pretty bad

  14. xdleonst says:

    Everybody should hate the Maldives! The hotels and the tourism are fucking destroying the natzre!6

  15. I knew Bora Bora would be at the top. It's practically paradise.

  16. Roddu34 says:

    For me there is no top 10 vacation spots because it's at the tourist him/herself to have his/her own fave spots depending on what type of vacation he/she want.

  17. There are no mountains in the Bahamas dude!

  18. sunny says:

    That first picture of the Bahamas is definitely not the Bahamas.

  19. Next time come to Tunisia! We have the most beautiful beaches in Mediterranean Sea ?

  20. Bat Man says:

    Slaves did not build the pyramids, they were paid labourers

  21. Ryo Canley says:

    New York but not Tokyo… what a joke.

  22. If only I would've had money…

  23. where is bali, Indonesia???

  24. Rickie Karl says:

    Hawaii??? new york sucks

  25. iMadsGaming says:

    Like it when the Las Vegas picture popped up, fucking Dubais Burj al Arab in the middle xD How stupid is it possible to be?

  26. What about Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

  27. whats with the porno music? XD

  28. Viral Media says:

    Thailand is Top Number place.

  29. dash robbin says:

    Visit Nepal . Mount Everest, Birth place of Lord Buddha , lots of historical old temples built from 464 AD and so on and lots of beautiful places, one of the best place for rafting in the world etc ..etc..the list goes on

  30. PaiNExoTiC says:

    Bruh im def gnna start traveling by 2018. Been looking into it since 2015. Gonna create a bucket list. Does anyone have any recommendations of relaxing and beautiful places? Like places where there is nature around, having good views with little people. Love those type of places.

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