Top 10 Things to DO in FLORIDA!

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August 1, 2017
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August 2, 2017

Florida aka the”Sunshine State” is one of our most favourite states in all of America. You’ve got miles of beautiful beaches, tons of adventurous activities, …



  1. Tina Shumway says:

    Crystal River, Homosassa Springs, Weeki Wachee…there's more to FL than drinking & partying.

  2. Amy James says:

    Some things you might want to do are visit Crystal River to see the manatees, Fort Pickens on Santa Rosa Island ( beautiful white sand beaches and a campground too), Ginnie Springs ( which I noticed someone had shouted out 🙂 ), and Peanut Island in West Palm Beach.

  3. Rc Legend 13 says:

    I got to sit on a gator at gator land


  5. swimming with manatees in Crystal river

  6. Gia Hutton says:

    ….and wynwood in Miami ..

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  8. Gasan Sol says:

    I'm on holiday in Florida and I'm having a hell of a time

  9. i wouldn't say these would be the top 10 things for a visitor to do that comes down here to Florida but still fun things to do.

  10. I'm from Lake Mary, Florida and why didn't you mention Clearwater Beach? It's one of my favorite places in Florida! Also, I enjoy downtown Sanford about once a month.

  11. I'm honestly surprised Anna Maria wasn't in there

  12. Just in case anybody might be wondering Devil's den is in a little town named Williston in Florida, it might be bad to say but I live there it's a really little town and devil's den is beautiful.

  13. The way he said Kissimmee lol


  15. Leopard 1 says:

    I'm from nzl just watching this and saying to myself, I wish I had the money to do this..

  16. ibanezmakki says:

    surprised that there is no mention of Destin, FL or any of the famous Emerald Coast beaches

  17. ERV Vans says:

    I'm (probably) going next summer! I've been there once

  18. I'm going to Florida in 2 days!!!!!! I'm so excited to go everywhere. Going to a few places you mentioned. You are making me even more excited.

  19. You should have put in Guavaween held in Y'Bor City, Tampa, Florida every year around Halloween. It's the largest party in the State of Florida. Lot's of good bands and the parade is not for anybody under the age of 18 to see. Some x-rated activities,

  20. What about scalloping up in the panhandle in Crystal River???

  21. Amber Myers says:

    Just moved to Florida I know what I am doing now !

  22. In my opinion there isn't much to do in the keys unless you have a boat, and to be fair Daytona isn't that good, just go to cocoa beach, or you can go to oleta a natural park near Miami Beach where there are water sports hiking and events that are cool, and in Orlando there is rainbow springs that have beautiful tube trips throughout the turtle filled cold water, or you can also go to a park near a aquarium I forgot the name but this park has bunnies, alligators, abandoned zoo's and also they have a peacock running around you can rent bikes and all that stuff and they have a beach there too

  23. Raymo Copo says:

    Good job guys. I've traveled to 48 countries and 47 US Sates. You captured the energy and basics. Yes, you could have tweaked a bit…The Panhandle Beaches are sooo powdery sand and big and dunes…yeah, nice. Yes, Kennedy Space Center is definitely exciting and different. The Southwest Coast of Florida, meaning Marco Island to Sarasota, has it's own, more laid back feel and natural environment. Us Southeast Coast of Florida people call the Southwest Coast of Florida, Florida's Florida. It's really pretty, well maintained, has interesting sites, beaucoup water sports, great food, no hassles, natural parks, but it ain't cheap…for the most part. Itsnice.

  24. myselfiesims says:

    When you live in Florida and haven't done 1 of these things 😭

  25. Actually it's pronounced "ki-SIM-ee😁

  26. I ❤️ Daytona beach and Florida

  27. Here in Florida, we are in relation ships with our air conditioners

  28. Morrison springs is insane, but also flooded half the year, which sucks for me as I live here and have been only once this year when it was clear!! 🙁 great video though

  29. Cecil Bazley says:

    lol I was born and still live in Jacksonville Florida (u make alligators seem so special there common in Florida) and I've only been to 5 of the places on the list u need to go to Tampa and st.augustine it's fun there .there oh and I'm pretty sue Disney is located in Orlando.

  30. This video is perfect for me I'm going to Florida in four days from Washington state and its gonna be a long drive ahead

  31. I'm going to Florida in 14 more days!

  32. I'm going to Florida Kissimmee Orlando tomorrow

  33. allison f says:

    Woohoo where is my gainesville fam??? GO GATORZ!!! 🙂 satchels and nap's have the BEST pizza fyi

  34. Lisa Ihnken says:

    Siesta Key – white quartz sand – Manatee Springs – see the sea cows! – St. Augustine – history preserved

  35. Jon Foster says:

    Never, ever……EVER vacation in Daytona Beach. Not for any reason!! Redneck douchebag central, shit restaurants, insane traffic, and ugly beaches.

  36. Tegan Yelton says:

    God Damnit. we wanted to move to Florida last year. decided to hold off for now due to cost of living and what not. well Ive come to realize Colordo springs is MORE expensive than Tampa! Getting out of here ASAP

  37. Joyce Hewitt says:

    Woñt go any were alone

  38. Imfrom orlando but my mom and dad braught my sister and me to a hotel

  39. LordBloks says:

    i watched this video beacause im going to it in jan 2018 instread of staying another cold winter in canada

  40. The white beaches of Pensacola Florida is amazing and friday night's in downtown they have art shows and car shows and if that's not enough you can go to Seville and party which is the classiest club/bar I've ever been too

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