Top 10 Hotels in Costa Rica

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June 12, 2017
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June 13, 2017


  1. Jimmy Viales says:

    The westin playa conchal, is expensive and the service is lousy. There's nothing fancy, other hotels like the RIU. I was staying with my family, and we stole into the room, and also got sick from the food diarrhea. We never had hot water. We receive thousands of excuses but nothing concrete. Not think that's the number one. I do not recommend it. There other are better choices.

  2. fox maxwell says:

    Ticos pura vida,saludos desde connecticut

  3. Eddy Corella says:

    Todavia falta ver mas hoteles en costarica porque hay muchos mejores

  4. Marlena P says:

    what about Dreams hotel?

  5. westin is terrible!!!
    it is the wroste hotel we ever stay
    The best are Four Seasons and Andaz

  6. Adam Hicks says:

    Wondering where you would rank Kura Design Villas in this list? Hoping to visit many of these!

  7. Hey Adam Hicks, thank you for a great question! Kura Design Villas is definitely up there. We made this video a while back when Kura was just starting, but it would definitely be a top contestant now. We hope you get to see them all and share your impressions with us. Pura vida!

  8. they forgot double tree resort..

  9. Ven John says:

    Hi Adam. Thank for sharing.
    What are some of the best hotels to stay at specifically for off shore snorkeling from the hotel, and scuba diving of course.

  10. Ho Ka says:

    There are many 'non' 5 starts hotels which are very nice,perfect location and very good services.. But I think they didn't pay you to market them 😉

  11. Hi Adam. Can I ask you . I am planning to move in Costa Rica . Any chance to find dissent job in five star hotel.
    I am a massage therapist in NY and wondering if i can get same job in CR.
    Thanks for sharing .

  12. Rebecca Bibi says:

    Hello I stayed at the westin it was very nice.

  13. Faze Alderis says:

    Im suprised Rio or is it Riu its awesome there.

  14. Nooo you left out La Mariposa. La Mariposa is on the list of 1000 places to see before you die. SHame on you.

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