Top 10 Biggest Vacation Spots In The World

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January 29, 2017
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January 30, 2017

Welcome to Top10Archive! Gather round, travelers, for we have something truly magnificent for you. If you’re a world traveler, there are certain destinations you …



  1. leave it to a brit to put a picture of the capital building when he mentions the white hosue

  2. -Lindell- says:

    And where is Lapland: Finland? Santa's Home?

  3. TheDajamster says:

    Orlando – Had me at Disney, lost me at alligators.

  4. can you do top 10 most visited cities?

  5. ▀█▀▒█▀█▒█▒█▒█▒▒▒█▒█▀█▒▒█▀█▒█▀█▒█▒█▀█▒█

  6. K 9501 says:

    Los Angeles! Woop!

  7. I am not trying to hate but I cannot believe phillipines is not here I mean waterfalls beaches food malls parks volcanos hills that change colors to climate I cannot believe it

  8. Riz2336 says:

    Out of the ones you mentioned I'd like to go to London England the most.

  9. moonringXD says:

    Can you do a video on Croatia next.

  10. Zeph Ng says:

    London, Boston, Toronto, New York and Orlando, been there. Gotta schedule time for the other 5 sometime :)

  11. Kirito Kun says:

    wtf number 1?where is paris?

  12. Niall Ward says:

    You should do a video about the top 10 bestselling video games.

  13. Sushil Singh says:

    top 10 most dangerous amusement park rides

  14. top 10 most illegal countries

  15. I thought Sydney, Australia or Tokyo in Japan would have been on this list

  16. Amalokch says:

    Wow this videos never disappoint me ?, thanks! I would like to visit London someday. Merry Christmas in advance +Top10Archive.
    Andrés from Chile.

  17. DO TOP MLP CREEPY PASTAS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please?????????????????

  18. Jack says:

    Fantastic vid waiting for your next Merry Christmas!!!!

  19. the number of visitors says nothing about the place!!Disney stupid land is a place not even on my top 00 place I want to see .Istanbul, Prague bosnia puck any European city n here u go more interesting than a theme park

  20. Top 10 Pixar Conspiracy Theories

  21. Very proud a Canadian city was on here, but I can't believe you never mentioned the CN Tower. An amazing piece of architecture, and the tallest building in the world for 34 years, only ending in 2007.

  22. Johny40Se7en says:

    Disney World Florida, if I was a kid, I'd live there, the rides are still awesome but the magic isn't the same now because of the smoke and mirrors effect not working =(

    Love the cheesy Canada accent, sounded like an Irish leprechaun. What the heck was that museum at about 3:37 'l extinction and irreversible'? looks interesting.

    I'd never like to go to Las Vegas, such an ugly, fake and sinful place.

    Oh and #10 that's like an advert for a nice restaurant, not "British" food, the traditional food over here is chip shop shit, just a bag of greasy chips and fish or sausages smothered in artery clogging batter.

    An idea for a video could be Top 10 iconic people from history.

  23. yhats fake the diden mantioned dubai

  24. yeah says:

    I'm pretty sure that Hongkong isn't in China.

  25. i used to live in Los angeles but i only visited hollywood not those other places you talked about

  26. epicwarding says:

    i visited Finland, Lapland, to see the northenlights during christmas

  27. What about Bangkok, Thailand? I swear I read somewhere that the two most visited cities in the world in like, two thousand and something, were London and Bangkok. Why does everyone call it Bangkok anyway? It's name is quite long so it is shortened to Krungthep. And u can't call me out on this one, I'm part Thai myself

  28. Dude what about Dubai. So many people go their and it is a tourist city so yeah.

  29. Shakirin BMO says:

    I love Disneyland :)

  30. top ten creeptist x-rays that are hybrid like

  31. dtyotub says:

    How could Mecca be left off of this list?

  32. Bookotter 72 says:

    If you're going to have "around the world" in the title please don't take up more than half the list with places from the U.S.A.

  33. all these Places Sucks . The best Re Turkey ,Jordan ,Iran ,Egypt ,Spain ,italy ,Thailand ,China ,Greece ,Bosnia ,Macedonia,Tunisia ,Iceland ,New Zealand ,Austria ,malaysia .

  34. gc grace says:

    where is rome :(

  35. Like the countdowns you guys do, but screw you for the dumb Canadian jokes. Hate that every time I turn around an American is misrepresenting my country or my people, I really hate it. I don't know why some of you guys have to spit on us at every given turn. I DO like Top10Archive's countdowns, though.

  36. Harley Quinn says:

    i live like 3 miles outside of vegas. despite what its known for it really is a great city to live in.

  37. corrado says:

    yeah, you know… Because people around the world are planning to visit places like Boston and Toronto, rather than ANY city in Italy (which didn't make the list) or ANY OTHER EUROPEAN destination outside of Paris… Get the fuck outta here with this list.

  38. animalia555 says:

    Actually London's food scene has improved remarkably. Anthony Bourdain even said that current day England is a better food destination than France.

  39. SilvanaDil says:

    Boston gets more visitors than San Francisco?

  40. narca :3 says:

    nice video but your classement is totaly wrong :)

  41. Hossam Ahmed says:

    Deal And Pack is Your way to travel

  42. Alexis Zorba says:

    In the world…? 6 are from USA and 1 from Canada..?! Only 2 from Europe and 1 from Asia…! This is top ten tourist destinations for retar…sorry, americans maybe. What happened with Rome, Venice…the whole Italy…! What about Greece, motherland of civilization…Or Spain, Malta, Egypt, Morocco, Madagascar, Thailand, Malaysia…and so many other wonderful, magical places ?? There is NOTHING in USA to compare with any of these !! A country of obese, arrogant rednecks proud to be imbeciles. Fucking morons..

  43. Top10Archive says:

    Have you visited any of these tourist destinations before?

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