Top 10 Best Premium Economy Classes on Airlines from Skytrax

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September 12, 2017
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September 13, 2017

best premium economy class. World’s Top 10 best premium economy cabins 2014 from Skytrax, world’s largest Inflight Research Services company. 全球最佳 …



  1. Lam Cheung says:

    Nice video! Subscribed!
    looking forward to more aviation videos!

  2. Kenny Moore says:

    And our great airline that all kiwi's are proud of make a great profit as well…well done Air NZ!

  3. mika e says:

    Wow who would have thought Air New Zealand

    Makes me proud to be kiwi Kia kaha

  4. Butistabomb says:

    i new it because evan air Nz non econmy class is awasing (im form NZ)

  5. 19bootsy68 says:

    Eva Air has a good premium economy. I wonder where Lufthansas premium economy will be in 2 years time on Skytrax list?

  6. Where da hell is American airlines they are probably the most modern airline today!

  7. all are the best,right ????

  8. Adadave says:

    Flying to Prague later in this June. I'm dreading the flight because I have long legs, and can't stretch. Last time I just got up out of my seat at one point and walked up and down the aisle for a while.

  9. HaramiMQM1 says:

    Sulfi is the best airline to fly with 👍

  10. Air newzealand Premium Eco class literally looks like business class. POssibly even better than some busines class

  11. I flew on Cathay Pacific recently they should be rated close to 10 as being worst not at number 6. Seat were uncomfortable, leg extension is good for someone that is 4 feet or less. Bulk head seat extension is the worst., not worth the money. This is not the same Cathay Pacific I flew 3 years ago. A very different airline from before. Video display arm was broken. So 12 hours back from LA really suck!

  12. Bella D says:


  13. JoshLi Music says:

    i flew malaysia airlines b737 business class and it was literally the quants premium economy, but you can't blame them as its a small plane

  14. The last one is business class don't lie

  15. Do emrties have premium econdym

  16. turkish airlines removed premium economy:(

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