Top 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Bali

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February 18, 2017
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February 20, 2017

Bu videoyu YouTube Video Düzenleyici ile oluşturdum ( Top 10 Best Luxury Hotels in Bali Bali Bali is an island and province of …



  1. Video molto bello mi piace, grazie Adam!

  2. Just Dirk says:

    Wow cool! I want holiday! Now!! :)))

  3. great video………..would be very helpful………….thanks

  4. This is a joke right? If you meant only hotels in Seminyak call it that. In all of Bali???? You're kidding lmao

  5. Nice channel, I subscribed and liked!

  6. Great video as always dear! Big Like 🙂

  7. amazing place for holiday

  8. Very beautiful, thank you.

  9. I will visit this beautful island some day 😉

  10. Well done; Thumb up !!
    Greetings !!

  11. ELENA SANABI says:

    Very nice video!! Thank you so much for sharing. Love, hugs and kisses 🙂

  12. 10 лучших отелей на Боли! Лайк за обзор

  13. WOW! i wish to spend a looooong holiday there 🙂

  14. What amazing Hotels & Spa I can't pick one for sure! Thanks for sharing 🙂 #Bali #paradise

  15. I've been to 2 of these

  16. top 10 best? you must be kidding!! lol bad taste you've got! haven't heard of Ayana, Bvlgari, Hanging Garden, Four Seasons, etc..?

  17. Raaz Kumaar says:

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  18. Absolutely gorgeous places. Thank you for sharing .

  19. Bravo! Very inspiring video! Now i’m also looking for a best itinerary and have found a nice ideas here

  20. bombayteddy says:

    This is very clearly a round-up if hotels in Seminyak only, NOT all of Bali. But, even so, ARE these the ten best?? You have included that "Tacky Horror Show" called the Dash; the 4-star Courtyard by Marriott; and soul-less places like the W and the new Alila…which could be literally ANYWHERE. And you have excluded The Oberoi, which is one of the most iconic hotels in Bali; and perhaps one of the finest resorts in the world.

  21. Thank you very much! I appreciate your job a lot!

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