Top 10 Best Low Cost Airlines in the World 2016

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May 7, 2017
해미읍성 서산 전통공연 인기짱-korea West Coast travel recommendations
May 9, 2017

All Top 10’s Other Titles: – Top 10 Best Cheapest Fares Airlines in the World 2016. – World’s Top 10 Low Cost Airlines in the World. Source: – Wikipedia. – Skytrax.



  1. patmanESC says:

    Wasn't that the same airline at 9 and 5

  2. where's Elegiant Airlines?
    best service ever i hear

  3. Where's Southwest Airlines?

  4. King Wacky says:

    Hell yea Norwegian, I live in Sweden and I always fly with Norwegian. They are an amazing airline.

  5. Norwegian is an awesome airline.

  6. zeev nafte says:

    westjet is an expensive legacy airline…

  7. GIGANTIC! Become of yourself BUT…….of no one else!

  8. What? Where is Bolognian, Mulitzian, Bellaxian and Byshanko Airlines? Can't have a cheap list without them.

  9. liu ying says:

    We're is China eastern?

  10. Jordan 222 says:

    if I was to be honest id think RYANAIR would number 1

  11. Jue Li says:

    JetBlue is THE BEST

  12. yep you missed the biggest of the lcc, which is southwest Airlines

  13. HecTiC_PlaYz says:

    I'm flying to Sydney using airasiaX malaysia

  14. Afca 020 says:

    You can say what you want about Ryanair but their really really cheap!

  15. MatthewK1212 says:


  16. Ryanair??? Those €9 fares are good, and southwest?? Free checked bags hellooo

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