Top 10 Best Hotels in Greece

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April 4, 2017
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April 5, 2017

The best Hotels in Greece for Luxury accomodation and is a unique collection of the best luxury hotels and 5 star resorts in Greece. This Video has been created …



  1. Nice and helpful video! I will have in mind this list when it comes to a trip..

  2. 258rookie says:

    the song does not fit with the video

  3. b mal says:

    @mstefanovski98 Why are you guys still fighting about shit that happened 2000 years ago. Get over it. And dont give me taht well in WWII and the greek civil war shit because that comes from shit that heppened 2000 years ago also.

  4. άσκοπη πολυτέλεια !!!!!!!!!!!!σκεφτείτε πόσοι συνάνθρωποί μας κάτω απο αυτά τα ξενοδοχεία ψάχνουν στα σκουπίδια(!) για να βρούνε ενα κομμάτι πεταγμένο ψωμί……….

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  6. Where is SANI RESORT??????

  7. Nice video. I really love your hotel.


  9. John K says:

    Sorry USA …best greek hotels are know from the locals in the heart of greece …Athens is the capital…and my father's birthplace…. but Greece has way more to offer than some fancy hotel called Grande Bretagne… in the middle of Athens! Do your homework people…if you know what Greece stands for

  10. Emma Pigeon says:

    Where is the "Perivolas"? Why you didn't put the Perivolas on this lame list?

  11. Apostolis F says:

    17 persons they don't have money for holidays..

  12. Captain Coco says:

    The Americans love the Grande Bretagne! All magnificent hotels I agree but I would also suggest The King George Palace in Athens, The Semiramis in Athens, the Hilton in Athens, Theoxenia Palace in Athens, The Westin Astir Beach Resort in Athens and last but not least Electra Palace, Athens. Just FYI!! Enjoyed the video. 

  13. arsenios19dr says:

    Ρε μαλακες αν δεν προσέξατε μόνο εμείς οι Ελληνες βλέπουμε τετοια videoes για να θαυμάζουμε τον ευατο μας…Ελα ρε πουστι που καταντισαμε. Μας θαύμαζαν όλοι οι λαοί και τώρα θαυμάζουμε τους εαυτούς μας…lol

  14. alexeis fox says:

    Where is Grand Resort Lagonissi(27.000 euro per night),Astir Palace Resort?

  15. Without any doubt blue domes in kos should be number one

  16. Левый рейтинг и отели все ни какие. А отель Британия, нельзя сравнивать с морскими совершенно. Купленное видео

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