Top 10 Best First Classes on Airlines

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April 5, 2017
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April 6, 2017

Sorry for the spelling mistake at 1:40! These are the best top 10 first classes on commercial airlines in my opinion. Here are the airlines in order and their …



  1. The ticket for singapore Airlines is 18 000€ !!!

  2. Ismail Ahmed says:

    guys emirates is the best 

  3. scary music! sounds more like a funeral music than something as uplifting like a first class.

  4. Rice Squuuad says:

    Wowwww….. The sound change the title…. Top 10 deadliest airline the the world 😱😱😱

  5. Fehmi Beynam says:

    Where is Turkish Airlines ? This shit!

  6. Amaan Azim says:

    emirates is the best award winning first class airline

  7. you made a mistake: the number one is not classified as a first class but is classified as a suite.

  8. Necmi Akman says:

    Where is Turkish Airlines?

  9. Chraman says:

    Lufthansa is shit.

  10. ahmed adle says:

    Woooo! !!!! Iwana flying now

  11. Why the fuck is etihad the 2nd best it's shit the stuff r fucking rude they say it's the top in the middle eastern kiss my ass I fucking hate it

  12. so sad a music for such a classy video

  13. M N Momen says:


  14. M N Momen says:

    chazer154, THE MUSIC IS NOT APPROPRIATE …………………………

  15. M N Momen says:

    YES, ALL ADMIT SING AIR IS THE BEST, ……………………………………………….????????????????>>>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Sandy Kee says:

    the star alliance member airlines state is the best.

  17. lol….malaysia should be no.1 …but lost of MH370… they lost too much money to search their airline/passanger

  18. لوفتهانزا تستحق المركز الاول

  19. Zack Smoove says:

    Dude u have some problems in ur choices, I've ridden so many international first class flights the Best is Saudi Airlines and UAE. Hands down, their is nothing better then both of them.

  20. Etihad should be number one in my opinion

  21. Once I walked through the first class area…

  22. I thought Qatar is number one according to Internet

  23. number one qatar air way

    number tow emirates air ways

    number three lufthansa air ways

  24. mys Mhamed says:

    why we dont have airplans like thes here in israel .our airplanses id very small and not comfortable but i love thes contry😆

  25. Nawaf says:

    Whhhaaat ?? Where is saudi ailrline that better than all these airline

  26. Curtzy says:


  27. badut gila says:

    is this music name court and page?

  28. All of the are luxurious

  29. i love qantas so much

  30. In the credits it said emirates was 2 instead of 3

  31. Echo Zulu says:

    I love British Airways!

    Swiss too.

  32. Ollie Treg says:

    Qatar is defiantly not 10th

  33. Ving Tan says:

    cathay pacific is nice. Thugh its ery similar to its long haul buiness class

  34. Jorge Ester says:

    You forgot to put iberia 1st class

  35. Emarites and Etihad are the best

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