Top 10 Best Business Class Airlines In the World

Travel Style: Tim Blight
June 25, 2017
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June 26, 2017

This video was made just for fun. All of these things are just my opinions. 10. Air France 9. Malaysia Airlines 8. Qatar Airways 7. KLM 6. British Airways 5.



  1. Wenhsiang Su says:

    air france, Malaysia, KLM Lufthansa, turkish? are you freaking kidding? what about EVA, JAL, ANA? not authentic

  2. sorry, but the fold out seats for Turkish Air look horribly uncomfortable and slanted enough that you would tumble out if you really fell asleep!!!!

  3. I heard KLM first. I didn't know it. Good 😀 Thanks 😉

  4. turkish airlines is the best airlines in europa its number 1 and its number 4 into the world

  5. cathay pacific should be at no.1

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