Top 10 Best Airlines In The World 2016 – (UPDATED July 2016)

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Top 10 Best Airlines In The World 2016 (Updated July 2016) 1. Emirates 2. Qatar Airways 3. Singapore Airlines 4. Cathay Pacific 5. All Nippon Airways 6.



  1. David_NK says:

    yes I knew that Emirates is the best airline in ghe world

  2. Dhamar Rani says:

    Etihad's flight attendants ?. some of them don't even speak English

  3. And i like Singapore airlines

  4. Small planet airlines is the best!

  5. What is the song called

  6. Qatar Airways Is the besstt

  7. Gareth Bale says:

    cathay Pacific is the best

  8. Nodrowis 26 says:

    SWISS int. Airline are the best

  9. dude your wrong Qatar Airways is the best Airlines in the world at number 1

  10. Ari de en says:

    Garuda Indonesia?

  11. Turkish air is bullshit

  12. there is no Garuda Indonesia???

  13. I agree. No airlines from USA because of their service. I feel like airlines from America discriminate from minorities especially the white stewardess.. I mean they are not too bad, but they pay attention to white passengers better especially Delta. They are getting better now. In the seventies Delta was too terrible treating minorities. I only fly with them because of the mileage. I stop flying with them because the way they treated Asian. I started flying with them now and I noticed they had gotten better than before. The best airlines are from Asia because they know hospitality. Asian people are basically hospitable, and the best steward and stewardess. I agree with the choices because I flew with Emirates and Singapore. They have good food too.Those are best airlines I flew. I heard good feedback from Eva airlines. I will try all the airlines they recommend.




  17. What's the airport where it looks those an-124?

  18. Awasume Life says:

    Aeroflot is good delta is bad I was on it was turbulating

  19. Emirates is the best Airline I have ever flown on

  20. I just remember something all 6 of 10 of these airlines are from muslims country so shut the fuck up world about calling muslim bad espicially donald racist Trump Your american airlines once remove muslim passenger abord Fuck You .that person was my Uncle from New york to Maine he just say Alhamdullillah and the steward took him off missing his flight and burn his money American Airlines is worst than kroyo Airlines. See Emirates Muslim MotherCraft Etihad airlines Bullshit you American Airline Bullshit racist trump

  21. garuda indonesia is one of 5 star airline in the world and receive many of achievment recognized by Skytrax, even ASIANA airlines is one of 5star too, however you dont put them into your video.

  22. Emirates is definitely the best just went on a flight was late from Sydney to Bangkok then to Dubai we arrived late but then we still got to Lebanon on time even though we arrived late to other countries I think it's because the pilot of the 777 really went fast full throttle I believe and it was day time but we experienced bad turbulence but nothing compared to that Etihad flight with 31 injured

  23. were is aegean airways and olympic air.that arways is star alliance members

  24. BA Is cool! (Don't get triggered)

  25. Air New Zealand is actually rated the best

  26. Kevin Reihan says:

    Where is Garuda Indonesia???

  27. Best one is VISTARA AIRWAYS.

  28. Top5 says:

    Hahahahahah. Where is British airline ?

  29. badar saeed says:

    other best airline is pia

  30. Whenever I see airplanes take off,I feel so hounered… IDK why

  31. The chrisera says:

    My dad flies for emirates

  32. where is garuda indonesia? garuda have 5 star airline

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