TOP 10 Best AIRLINES In The World 2014 from SKYTRAX

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March 24, 2017
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World’s Top 10 best airlines 2014 according to Skytrax, world’s largest Inflight Research Services company. 全球最佳航空公司(Skytrax首十名) CLICK HERE for …



  1. Akash Mali says:

    love qatar airways…best ever

  2. fares singer says:

    Qatar airways number 1 !!!

  3. Miss Waixr says:

    SwissAir forever.

  4. Cathay doesn't even have an Airbus a380

  5. i love Cathay Pacific,Singapore Airlines,Emerites and Ethihad

  6. How Emirates is not the best Cathy Pacific is better I am from Dubai I go business class

  7. sabira begum says:

    Emirates is the best

  8. Yellow Teeth says:

    Cathay is my favorite

  9. I thought Ghana airways was the best.

  10. Yay!!! Cathay Pacific wins!

  11. جميل جدا حلوووووووووو حبيت حلوووو

  12. Melih T says:

    like but turkish airlines is better

  13. BradsonMan says:

    Ryanair has the best airplanes. Ultimate quality.

  14. ItzReptorTV says:

    Qatar airways is better than Emirates??!!!!


  15. unknown says:

    I like Emirates better

  16. Omar Basem says:

    Didn't you forgot Egypt Air

  17. I Been on the first plane

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