Top 10 best airlines in north america

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July 10, 2017
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  1. marvin says:

    what is the song???

  2. moses30973 says:

    @TheTechnologyGuy25 wats the song

  3. Southwest should be 3 or 4

  4. Wingz says:

    What Westjet Deserves I higher place not #7

  5. Wingz says:

    Southwest is good in Number 10 it can stay there but Westjet needs a higher place

  6. Wingz says:

    Do the Skytracks Ranks here they are

  7. Wingz says:

    Sorry about this but 1. Virgin America 2. Westjet 3. Southwest Airlines

  8. flyguy905 says:


  9. flyguy905 says:

    no air canada stays #1

  10. i'm sorry but Air Canada is the best

  11. anthonygutiz says:

    you have the wrong list

  12. 10. frontier 9. jetblue 8. southwest 7. us airways america 5. west jet 4. american airlines 3. Continental 2. delta 1. united airlines

  13. TurtleGames2 says:

    Continental doesn't exist anymore and United is Bull crap. Is no one gonna mention Jet Blue here?

  14. I remember going on frontier

  15. La perla. Good choice for songs

  16. No no no Alaska is #2 Continental can go to the bottom

  17. Delta?!??!?!?!? Should pump up Frontier too. Air Canada sucks. Got food poisoning on its flight. Direhhea for my whole stay in Toronto.

  18. Kianoti says:

    Screw you were Is Delta!

  19. I highly disagree about the #1 airline in North America. The #1 is Delta Airlines

  20. nolan nguyen says:

    1 should be southwest

  21. He is most likely using it of of his openion .

  22. i would say jetblue usairways delta south west canada airlines aer lingus best . 

  23. continental joined united  1 big team .

  24. United and continental merged acouple years ago

  25. I loved your video, continue with that, but I think the should be JetBlue 🙂

  26. Southwest is the ONLY one I've been on in America on this list

  27. Scooter Vlog says:

    It's a wired airline

  28. DaNkReVeNue says:

    Where's Delta give Delta support!!! I'm unlike g this crap!!!

  29. Aaron Jacob says:

    The No. 10 spot should be United Airlines; 9 should be American Airlines. 5 should be Southwest Airlines. Delta Air Lines should be No. 3; JetBlue Airways should be No. 2; Virgin America holds No. 1. By the way, this is my opinion.

  30. Apparently in 2014 one article I read it don't believe it that much but the top two airlines in North America where Air Canada and WestJet

  31. MBLR Studios says:

    Delta is the worlds 2nd largest airline. ITS IN NORTH AMERICA! And, DELTA gives you, sprite, coke-a-cola, water, alcoholic beverages, salted pretzels and peanuts, and best of all, THE BEST AIRLINE COOKIE IN THE WORLD!

  32. I've used both WestJet and Air Canada and I have to say that I do prefer WestJet but that's just my opinion.

  33. Posiden King says:

    Air Canada is one of the best airlines in NA. Air Canada is only the ninth largest airline in the world. Delta is the second BIGGEST airline though the service is not that good(better than spirit…nothing is worst than spirit). I do believe delta does deserve a spot on that list. That's my opinion anyways. Have to admit though Air Canadas has the same organizational skills that a ferret has, chances of them not messing up a flight is rare.

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