Top 10 Best Airlines In ASIA 2013

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March 15, 2017
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  1. MAJULAH SINGAPURA actually you should add Cebu pacific as number 10

  2. Singapore airline is the best airline also the changi airport also the first best airport

  3. mady XD says:

    where's Qatar airways and Emirates

  4. Why japan no 2 its not in asian

  5. 날아는가 says:

    The Asiana Air, are those for Korea?

  6. Sean Gaming says:

    There isno philippine airlines but I am happy other countries are there

  7. rzh4uh says:

    no emirates ? no etihad ? no Qatar?

  8. Guihua Gao says:

    I love Singapore Airlines.

  9. Guihua Gao says:

    Why no Cathay Pacific?

  10. I want garuda indonesia is no 1 no emirates ??????

  11. Thai airways! "การบินไทย"

  12. u r completely wrong Air India Emirates Qatar Etihad must be there and no place of Korean Air and Hianan Airlines

  13. Wow! Singapore Airlines Is The BEST!😊

  14. April Carns says:

    Where is Emirates and Etihad?

  15. Sam Fu says:

    How could garuda and eva better than Malaysia airlines so fake

  16. Ana Isada says:

    phillippine airlines why not there?

  17. go fuck yourself where is emirates and etihad and qatar

  18. Mengfong Fu says:

    why is there so much Asian airlines??

  19. iDoes stuffZ says:

    Why no Philippine airlines it is the first airliner in Asia

  20. oh yeah sia thx for wonning

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