Top 10 Best Airlines in Africa

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April 29, 2017
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April 30, 2017


  1. Daniel Hailu says:

    egypt shoul hyave been in there at # 2

  2. john henry says:

    yeah ethopia baby ethopia

  3. Are you carzy ? Royal Air Maroc is the best Royal air maroc have 737-700-800-500-300/747-400-SP/757-200/767-300/787-CN-RGB AND MORE 787's 6 more and royal air maroc have 4 a321 Royal air maroc is the best!!!!!!!!

  4. tilethio says:

    Yeh I think, Air Moroco should be at the 3rd followed by South african air then Ethiopian, In my view i put Kenyan on 4th but Egipt air on 5th

  5. YE Ethiopia Airlines

  6. yami revio says:

    agree Ethiopians got the first dreamliners

  7. James Smith says:

    I have tried almost all of'em , but number one for me was Tunis air no doubt  

  8. ClubmanR56 says:

    I suppose SAA just win the "Best Airline Award in Africa" every year for the last 11 years because the judges were prejudiced? For 11 years in a row? Duh!!

  9. mike smith says:

    am proud to ethiopain and ethiopia disrves the first in africa

  10. Niki Brown says:

    kenya airways should be third after ethiopian and SAA

  11. humanity says:

    Couldn't be more proud! Ethiopia Al day!

  12. Michael 25 says:

    eish sorry Mad bob your Air Zimbabwe is not on the list

  13. AIR FORCE says:

    Royal Air Maroc will join to star alliance soon soo hi can be the best airline in africa

  14. You do know South African is first and biggest in Africa Ethiopian ident due to its horrible record of hjackings . First to have a dream liner but we so South African airlines in 2018. Will have the A380-800 South African airways as much more funds and more planes and so takes in ENy other airlines in Africa first place judging from my experibxe

  15. johanlove1 says:

    Well currently Ethiopian is the largest carrier in Africa with over 80 planes (modern) and 100 international destination, therefore it's the best airlines in Africa point blank

  16. its true ethiopian airlines and kenya airways are among the best in africa n nothing will ever change that due to experience i have had by travelling with multiple airlines.

  17. south african airways is the best evrone

  18. and soon ssa will have a a380

  19. Chris Diaz says:

    Kenya Airways was voted by customers best in Africa.. world Travel awards!

  20. zakitubeHD says:

    air algerie is the best

  21. ethiopia hair line nice

  22. Adam Ouhlaci says:

    Ethiopian did a a fatal crash everybody died and at least Air Algerie did some crash but some people survived or everybody i dont know it very well but i am Algerian.

  23. Adam Ouhlaci says:

    Dont say Royal Air Maroc is the best its not 100% morroco its 75% european and 25% morroco

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