Top 10 Airlines in the World 2016 ★ Best Airlines in the World 2016 (HD) [Epic Lists]

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January 10, 2017
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Top 10 Airlines in the World 2016 ☆ Best Airlines in the World 2016 (HD) [Epic Lists] Click here to SUBSCRIBE to our channel: …



  1. Sad boy says:

    Top 1 is Qatar

  2. Where is air new Zealand

  3. BRIAN AKL says:

    Air New Zealand?

  4. Nurul Islam says:

    Qatar Airways best service in side airport also to much good services….. stuff always giving to passengers very nice service

  5. Joko Vegilia says:

    etihad is not safe

  6. Aleem Rauf says:

    At 1:21 The Business Class Cabin is of Emirates not ANA

  7. why MEA airlines isn't mentioned

  8. Qatar508 says:

    My country is Qatar and it is all ready the best airways thank you epic lists

  9. Qatar508 says:

    Adam sales love Qatar lol

  10. NFKRZ Tunes says:

    1. Tam

    2.Copa airlines

    3.Lan chile


    5. American

    These are the planes that I've flown

  11. I'm flying on ANA this year. Woooooooohoo!

  12. Master Chief says:

    Emirates should be first

  13. Jerome B says:

    The planes I have flew


  14. Gamze Arslan says:

    top 1= Turkish airlines

  15. I choose garuda indonesia

  16. emirates is the best now !!! my favourite

  17. Max Ritter says:

    wo ist Lufthansa

  18. I love Cathay pacific

  19. Anil Babani says:

    False Emirates its the first in 2016

  20. its totally false only PIA (Pakistan international airlines) is best airline ever ???

  21. Qantas is the worlds safest airline it should be in 1

  22. EMIRATES is the number 1 airlines!!!!!! for 2016
    1st EMIRATES airlines
    2nd Qatar Airways
    3rd Singapore Airlines
    4th Cathay Pacific
    5thANA All Nippon Airways
    6th Etihad Airways
    7thTurkish Airlines
    8th EVA Air
    9th Qantas Airways
    10th Lufthansa
    These Skytrax awards are Passenger’s Choice Awards and often described as “the Oscars of the aviation industry“.

  23. Massage it's so pacification that's fake man Emirates Airlines is the top 1 and second is Qatar Airways so thats very fake how come Emirates come on 5 that's so fake hiw come how I've been in plane's in Emirates Qatar in turkish in india in p.i.a in nippon all plane's so you deserve a faith intorpolitice gram

  24. Horiara Khan says:

    emirates is the best

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