Experiential Travel: Just Another Way for People to Take Your Money
June 29, 2017
My Travel Pet Peeve That’s Even Worse Than Bare Feet on the Bulkhead
June 30, 2017

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  1. 1:29 Uj, that is kinda difficult..many places charge a "service tax" which is comparable to the tip. They usually call it something like "coperto" or "servizio" on the bill. The thing is, not all places do that, especially non-touristy ones. If thats the case and u liked the service, a tip is welcomed.
    1:45 Aperitivo is a drink, mostly alcoholic, u take before the actual meal. Things u eat before the first course are called Antipasto and are cold cuts like cheese, ham or crostini (4ex Bruschetta).
    2:20 If u are in a small local restaurant with an old grandma as a chef I would like to see if u DARE to not finish ur plate^^
    2:58 Pls don't!! Thats like cutting Spaghetti with a knife..IT HURTS!!
    4:00 Driving in Italy is a science on its own. Golden rule: The guy before u has ROW.
    4:21 If u validaded ON the train is often more expensive (up to double the price).

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