Things to do in Las Vegas Travel Guide

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October 9, 2017
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Las Vegas! Vegas, Baby! With a weekend to explore Las Vegas we arrived hitting the ground running wanting to pack in as much as we possibly could over a …



  1. Wooo Vegas! says:

    Hey guys! Loved this video check out our channel 😉

  2. rva1945 says:

    Was it in Summer? How hot was it? I will be there in August. BTW I'm from Argentina, we have some similar places here.

  3. i love in vegas and if you dont have money to spend the city nor the people care about you

  4. Nick Gagnon says:

    Cool. Going to Vegas next week!

  5. top 5 states:
    1. Flordia
    2. California
    3. New York
    4. Illions
    5. Pennslyvania

  6. Joey Carlyle says:

    Did you guys try any of the buffets in Vegas?

  7. DIFFUSE ONE says:

    I guess this is how it goes down when go with a girlfriend. Not as fun and wild as I thought it would be.

  8. Drazen Kn says:

    i love las vegas

  9. My wife and i think you two are so adorable and did an excellent job on your las vegas video. We live here and you gave us tips on cool places to check out. THANK YOU! Next time you come you are welcomed to stay at our house for free 🙂

  10. Sreejesh Mu says:

    worst video in the world…. these ppl suck

  11. T G says:

    seeing the view from ABOVE was the cherry on TOP
    pun intended?

  12. Great Video Man! Im going to Vegas later this month, definitely trying some of these things out !

  13. Justin Negri says:

    how many days did u stay in vegas?

  14. cstephkirby says:

    Towards the end with all the performers singing. Was that at the cosmopolitan ? Is this a nightly performance ?

  15. Flaco Live says:

    Thanks for the Video and it looks like you guys enjoyed yourself !

  16. which company did you do the helicopter tour with??

  17. Atari Yo yo says:

    Now this is gonna be fun I'm gonna be sick

  18. I wish he was gay for me, he's so cute. No offence meant, I wouldn't touch one half of a couple, but he's still hot! You're both great to watch! 🙂

  19. Yaros Snyder says:

    Couldn't believe people can be so ugly

  20. Emma Parks says:

    lol XD idk why im watching this when i live in vegas

  21. You did a great job.. I hope I can edit atleast have as good as you on my videos. Thanks for posting.

  22. Austin Sien says:

    omfggg i love you guys im subbing !!!!

  23. Blake Taylor says:

    Canadians are fucking weird

  24. There's nothing in this video about being shot at a country concert, inaccurate

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