The world’s Most LUXURIOUS HOTEL – Amazing Hotel in Dubai – 7 stars – Inside Video (Burj)

January 4, 2017
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January 6, 2017


  1. Sport says:

    is it on trivago?

  2. Shahd Hatem says:

    I live in Dubai ?

  3. samirriani says:

    I guess, you get better service than in ………..fawlty towers, and they have more skillz than basil, …..and manuel desn't work in dhubai, but in barcelona ….)

  4. Ilyas Swaleh says:

    unless i hit a jackpot ?

  5. Afnan Sleem says:

    Wooooooow this is the most beauitiful place on record that the is a wonderful place Its amazing???

  6. rhcpemma1990 says:

    that's right, just because we're not rich doesn't mean we don't have….Oh i can't even finish. I want to be rich!

  7. Salman Sadiq says:


  8. I stayed here one month

  9. Wait for me Brother, I will visit you all, when I win big lottery jackpot ????

  10. Shy Ali says:

    I stayed there for a year…..jokes I'm poor

  11. And then you see the bill

  12. Very nice, been there a few times. to be honest it needs a bit of refurbishment now but still incredibly impressive!

  13. Most of people working in Arabian hotels are slaves. You pay 10K+ per night while Asian people working in your hotel 300-350 hours per month for 2-3 hundreds $ without social bonuses and rights.

  14. Thủy em đang làm những chò gì/ e trở thành một kẻ lừa đảo chồng con của chính e . Và thật khốn nạn khi e luôn mồm mang … ra thề thốt . Sao con người e lại thay đổi tới mức này . Thật là ghê tởm.ghê tơm

  15. Ines Silva says:

    só Não Vou porque é caro

  16. الوانه اوفر وتشيب ..مزعج للعين

  17. I think some day we need going there

  18. FkedUpMedia says:

    I'm not going to lie, it is a beautiful city. Amazing. However, having a polished exterior doesn't make up for the blatant fact that most Arab nations are authoritarian dictatorships. Going there is funding this bullshit. I don't want to come off as a killjoy but let's not dance around the bullshit here, these places, in reality, aren't known for human rights, are they? Oh, but they're rich so let's ignore that.

  19. MoonSaan says:

    Ну всё поеду, вот только нужно уговорить весь много квартирный дом по почке скинутся, и поеду)))

  20. yana212 says:

    of course they would be white

  21. Nick Mo says:

    1% are ruling, it's time for god to put his foot down.

  22. No doubt , Burj Al Arab is the best hotel in the world .

  23. that video was cheesy AF

  24. Black Storm says:

    I wish me and my babe could get a taste of this life!

  25. vgmaster9 says:

    Wanna know an even more amazing place to stay at? Motel 6!

  26. is the best and biggest dream for me to go work there ones in my life
    will be great. I'm a Massage therapy.
    want to have more experience for my life….I'm still waiting… dream….

  27. SLO-MO TUBE says:

    Dubai is safer than any country and muslims are not terrorist

  28. elias meyer says:

    soon secure tail print half iron average collection.

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